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  1. pataya

    Pyro Rush 1.0

    To play the game : Click 'Go to download' Enter the password : airblastpyro Play as the Pyro and use your airblast to clear the levels in this tiny rogue-like experience! Reflect rockets, send your enemies in the void and don't forget to push the cart. Some rails can be rotated to choose your...
  2. I

    Pyro 2022-07-25

    Artwork of the Pyro
  3. Lord Smile

    Competitive Pyro Montage

    View: clips from scrims/official matches recorded and edited during the 72 hour period
  4. JayradTheFox

    Minion Fart Gun 2022-07-25

    I hate pyro mains... They deserve to be stuck in a room with this in the deepest corner of hell... Enjoy.
  5. FancySnacks

    Double Barrel Flaregun [72h Jam] Alpha 1.0

    Double Barrel Sawed Off Menacing Flaregun for Pyro, do I need to say more? The downloaded file replaces Flare Gun in-game Heavily WIP, needs an actual texture, animation work and some modelling fixies Only started to work on it 10 hours before the deadline as I couldn't start earlier and...
  6. peetman

    Prickly Friend

    My first cosmetic i ever did, and for the 72h Jam. Didn't have time to put this on the workshop, as i had alot of trouble in the process. Hopefully these screenshots will do.
  7. Sr_Taboo

    Top Valve 2022-07-25

    This item is dedicated to the most devoted fans of valve. Created by me and my friend
  8. Spektral

    Pyro's Graveyard Shift

    Submitted for the 72hour Summer Jam 2022
  9. Kinsain

    Ride Through Pyroland - Sticker - TF2 Summer Jam by Kinsain & Vyxxen 2022-07-25

    Pyro riding his balloonicorn through Pyroland. Vyxxen: Kinsain:
  10. Kinsain

    Ride Through Pyroland - TF2 Summer Jam by Kinsain & Vyxxen 2022-07-25

    Pyro riding his balloonicorn through Pyroland. Vyxxen: Kinsain:
  11. Qroul

    Pyroman 1

    I made a pyroman out of plasticine with my own hands. It seems to have turned out cool
  12. ゆず the nowhere king.

    finding yourself final_small_grainy

    I've been in a very creative mood lately and wanted to make something special for someone special. This artwork is also submitted for the 72 hour jam 2022 event. The official submission is here if you'd like to leave some feedback or upvote there ✌️ LINKS: 1st submission, jam22TF2maps, TF2...
  13. Recyclops

    Cooking Pyro! 7/24/2022

    A drawing I made of Pyro doing some cooking in a pot. Might turn this into a taunt concept, haha.
  14. John hammon

    some sculptures 2022-07-24

    i hope you enjoy it
  15. AY | MooseGuy

    Birthday Drawing 1

    My birthday was on the 23rd, and I drew some of my favorite mercs celebrating
  16. Tankman bro.

    Pyro with new weapons! 1

    Pyro is a terminator with a red eye and a wooden leg in a stalker mask with a ninja bandage and in bloody pants with a flamethrower instead of his right hand, who has a lighter in his pocket and fire grenades on his chest.
  17. ✧Tori Roach

    Pyro & Medic⛑️ 2022-07-24

    Hi everyone! :) As a Medic main I want to use this opportunity and say huge thanks to every Pyro that keeps us protected from burning alive and saves our lives! P.S. The picture drawn with window decoration paints (or glass paints idk how to call it) I got inspired by Party Hat Pyro artwork and...
  18. Ptz

    Fire-raiser's aged lid 1

    It's an heirloom from Pyro's family, or at least that's what we understood from his mumbling.

    Shoe 0.2

    Pixel Art of the Pyro from the hit game Team Fortress 2, released by the small indie company Valve in 2007 via The Orange Box, alongside Portal, Half-Life 2 and its Episodes.
  20. spidermastermind100

    Close buddies on summer vacation 2022-07-24

    Soldier and Demo discuss about latest TF2 update changes, mostly about Iron Bomber's projectile hitbox size fixed, while at beach with Pyro shark chasing Sniper bot cheater in the water. plus it's my #72HourJam this 2022's year entry :D Using Garry's Mod and started at 23rd July at midnight and...