Text Decals

Text Decals 4.0

added OCR-A Extended (/OCR/*_OCR) and whatever default monospaced font GIMP uses (/Monospace/*_mono).
also created left and right smart quotes for the fonts that had them, since I noticed they weren't actually 180° rotations of each other. these are now sqt-l and sqt-r, respectively.
I do not know why the Monospace capital eszett looks so weird. maybe it wasn't encoded, so since it was already a default font, it was forced to default to the system default?? or something??
I don't think "Sans Serif" and "Serif" are the names of any actual font, but GIMP seems to treat them like they are. this should be the ultimate in bland-ness.

a couple characters have been removed from Big Noodle Titling and TF2 Build, since I realized those characters weren't present in those fonts and GIMP was just defaulting to Sans Serif. Big Noodle has lost the tilde, and TF2 Build has lost its smart quotes.
Added a second font. This one is TF2 Build, the font used by Engie's PDAs. I was planning on massively cutting down on file size by switching to a cheaper format (since the materials are black-and-white), but that didn't end up working out.
TF2 Build has Ò as O`_tf2Build, because Ò is in the name of a TF2 weapon (the Claidheamh Mòr). It wasn't in Big Noodle Titling because you can just mirror Ó, but TF2 Build's O's are asymmetrical.
I also added the colon and semicolon, because I noticed they weren't quite identical to just slapping a comma/period in the bottom half and a period in the top half.
so, when I came up with this a couple months ago, I wanted to have it be all one texture, which necessitated that the dimensions be a power of 2. this forced me to pick and choose which characters to include.
today, however, I realized that, since I'm using separate textures now, I'm free to include whatever characters I want. this isn't another font, but it is an expansion to the Big Noodle Titling pack.