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  1. LizardOfOz

    Extra Gameplay Overlays Pack 1.1a

    Have you ever looked at a control point label and asked yourself: "which stage is it, again?" Not anymore - now you get to SEE which stage you're playing! This pack includes custom control point overlays from "A" to "D" with the current state written on them! Up to FOUR stages! In RED, BLU and...
  2. Yrr

    Generic Smissmas/Winter signs 2022-11-05

    Generic smissmas/winter versions of various signs from Badlands May update this download with more if people have suggestions for more signs sign_smissmas001 - "Snow Plow" variant of Zippy Plow sign sign_smissmas002 - "Red Peaks Mountaineering" variant of Red Valley Mining sign sign_smissmas003...
  3. Phosphorus

    Jimi Jam overlay pack 1

    This is my pack of 3 Jimi Jam overlays. 1) full 2) text only 3) mascot only mention not required (but appreciated)
  4. Hweepo

    Text Decals 4.0

    A buncha decals to let you create arbitrary text. The pack contains the following fonts: Big Noodle Titling (used in certain Mann vs. Machine signs) Whatever basic serif, sans serif, and monospace fonts GIMP uses OCR-A (used in old contracts) TF2 Build (used in Engie's PDAs, among other places)...
  5. G.A.S.

    VAC Sign Overlays V1

    .zip contains 7 Overlays -No credit needed
  6. Heili

    Shoplift Graffiti Overlays V1

    These are hand-drawn graffiti textures made for my map Shoplift, themed after Left 4 Dead. It includes 5 graffiti textures and 2 Team Fortress themed safehouse overlays (black and orange, includes separate arrow overlay). Credit to 'MuxinMuffin' (that's me) somewhere if you use them please...
  7. Plainz

    Overlays blink in hammer and not showing up in game

    Yes i searched for this problem in mapping help section, haven't find anything helpful, tried changing brush face they connected to, i have light_environment properly set up, i tried alt+p and there was some problem with them i pressed fix all and nothing changed. i don't know is this normal or...
  8. cnub66

    Arrow Pack 1.0

    Includes: Blue + neutral versions of the red 'circle' arrows Red versions of the blue 'rectangle' arrows Two blue 'capture point' arrows, for which a red version already exists in game To install, unzip and place in your tf/custom folder Credit not necessary. Please let me know if there are any...
  9. Dr.TwentyTwo

    Capture Zones in Maps

    Ok so I have a map that's almost done, but I want to put some tape around the point to mark the capture zone like on other maps, however I don't exactly know how to do this on the map.
  10. Emil_Rusboi

    WAR! update propaganda posters v1

    Once upon a time Valve announced contest about making propaganda posters for "WAR!" update. There were cool posters, so I decided to made them as overlays and upload here. All posters are the property of Valve and their authors. I just made overlays to use on custom maps. You can find these...
  11. Emil_Rusboi

    Propaganda Posters (WAR! update) Licensing

    Hello! I was looking through of old tf2 updates and came across with propaganda posters of the "WAR!" update. I thought "It would be nice to add them to the game as overlays!". But I thought about copyrights. Therefore, I did not dare and asked here. Can I take good posters, redo them as vtf...
  12. lemm1ng

    Overlays not showing up ingame

    I'm fairly new to Hammer Editor, but i'm learning! But now I've hit a problem. I want to create the "patch" overlay that usually is placed under Medkits, Ammo Packs etc. but they don't show up ingame. I first thought it may be because of my graphics, i usually put them at low because my PC is...
  13. Emil_Rusboi

    Soviet Signs a1

    My soviet style signs from my map koth_krasnaya_ploshad
  14. Cindycomma

    Missing Overlays [Guide] *Edited*

    So, there's a little bug in hammer which makes overlays completely transparent, and I'm here to tell you how to fix it. This bug makes the overlay texture disappear, therefore taking some time away from mapmaking (just a tiny bit though). This bug is usually caused by cutting the brush the...
  15. Erk

    Jungle Inferno Update Library A1

    As the title says, everything that's in the Jungle Inferno update ready to be used. This is all of the textures used, that I could find at least, and I've got the both the cheap and expensive water textures used, all the displacements showcasing their displacement-ness, sky textures, and...
  16. Diva Dan

    Spooky Overlays Mini-pack three point one

    Hello! This pack includes 16 different overlays to use in your Halloween maps. They are all redesigns of signs already in the game, but with a subtle (or not-so-subtle) twist to them. Meant to be eye catching and a nice piece of eye candy for a player to enjoy, thee overlays aim to up the...
  17. pi-ka

    A custom decall problem

    Now, I just wanted to add decalls, but the custom ones, AND the normal ones look like black squares when I load up the map, in the editor they work correctly, but if I load them into the game they are just textured black... how can I fix this?
  18. JargonJC

    Spray-painted white line 2017-05-13

    A simple paint line that fits well on asphalt and concrete. I made it for an airport I'm working on, but decided to make it public. This is my first ever custom texture. PM me what you use it for, I love pictures!
  19. suber36g

    is there a way to convert overlays into textures?

    I'm making a map a i need the arrows signs as textures, is it possible to convert overlays into textures or do i have to somehow find it on the internet?