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  1. Hweepo

    Text Decals 4.0

    A buncha decals to let you create arbitrary text. The pack contains the following fonts: Big Noodle Titling (used in certain Mann vs. Machine signs) Whatever basic serif, sans serif, and monospace fonts GIMP uses OCR-A (used in old contracts) TF2 Build (used in Engie's PDAs, among other places)...
  2. Hweepo

    Stencil Decals 2022-01-07

    Has one team had to set up shop hastily and not had time to bring in their sign_gameplay01s? Are you going for a graffiti-type style? Do you for any reason need stencil decals saying "BATTLEMENTS," "CAPTURE POINT," "CONTROL POINT," "EXIT," "INTELLIGENCE," or "RESUPPLY" in team colors? if so...
  3. Smurfin USA

    DDT Misc. Decal Pack 2021-12-20

    vtf/vmt files in a .zip. Keep them in the folder named smurfin_custom and put that folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\materials These are loosely themed around a map I'm making. It takes place in coastal chemical facilities, where safety is a prohibited...
  4. Kaleidescoop

    PASS Time Goal Signs v2

    These helpful PASS Time signs indicate what kind of goal is nearby, allowing players to better understand what to do with the JACK. Includes three different sets of signs for Throw-In goals, Run-In goals, and Bonus goals. Each set has grey, red, and blue variants. To install, drag the...
  5. Fluury

    Overlay PASS Time Goal Name Decals

    Hey! Players tend to get very confused in PASS Time. They lack information on how to interact with the goals, causing them to do stupid things which frustrates everyone. Let's help with that! I suggest 3 simple "Goal Decals" which display the name of the goal (Run-In, Throw-In and "Bonus...
  6. Seemo

    Texture Transparent explosive scorch mark

    Is there any way of getting a transparent texture version of the scorch mark decal from Soldier rockets? I'm trying to use it to make a custom texture for a model. I found the actual texture file that the decal uses, but it's not transparent.
  7. Atasco

    Decal bug? Mysterious Behavior.

    I'm having a strange issue that the Interloper's error checker didn't catch. For some reason, one (and only one) decal I've placed in my map is showing up on another random surface. I can't seem to figure out what's wrong, and going through the list of entities only shows ones I know I've...
  8. Midlou

    [Overlay] Water Caustic/Water Reflection V1

    Textures from CS:GO map de_nuke... so kudos to Valve.
  9. Werewolf

    Transparent decals aren't transparent in DX80 (DirectX 8.0 mode)

    I need some help with transparent decals in DX80 (DirectX 8.0) mode. When running in DirectX 9 (the default) they appear fine. However when I load the map onto my testing laptop (which runs in DirectX 8.0 mode), I noticed they keep appearing like this: The .vmt for that decal is here...
  10. Cindycomma

    Does anyone know what entity this is?

    So... I've been working on a PD map and was trying to make a sprite much like the one in watergate The bottle, by the way, not the outline I've looked through the entities and I cant find it, does anyone know what entity it is?
  11. Pie_Savvy

    European Signs Decal Pack 2018-07-30

    Now you too can set your map in the rugged terrain of the Austrian Alps or in an industrial port along the Rhine. Includes a read me with who to credit if you use this in a map. So for our 72 hour jam we did some map decal signs with a european flair. If there is any issues (or you want us to...
  12. ficool2

    Is it okay to move brushes 0.5 or 0.25 units offgrid?

    I am making a map with some bumpmapped materials, and decals/overlays don't work on it. So I thought of a work around to make a nodraw func_illusionary with the top textured. I just want to quickly ask, is it okay if I move it using the Transform tool 0.5 or 0.25 units down? I know about the...
  13. Little Pixel

    Decal problem.

    So I haven't really used the decal tool before and I was trying stuff out, I ended up using a custom texture as a decal but it was a little bit too big, so I thought I had removed it, but I guess I didn't. When I go on hammer and look at where the decal "is" I see nothing, it all just looks...