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  1. Tumby

    Steel Pier Theater Font v1

    Here are a whopping 60 letters, digits and other symbols; inspired by the large text from one of the Steel Pier theaters in atlantic city during the previous century. Each model comes in 4 sizes (192, 128, 96 and 64 units tall) with 4 skins (white, black, red and blue). The models are in the...
  2. Hweepo

    Text Decals 4.0

    A buncha decals to let you create arbitrary text. The pack contains the following fonts: Big Noodle Titling (used in certain Mann vs. Machine signs) Whatever basic serif, sans serif, and monospace fonts GIMP uses OCR-A (used in old contracts) TF2 Build (used in Engie's PDAs, among other places)...
  3. Languste

    72hr The Short Anecdote Of The Origin Of The Machina's Tracer Rounds And Name 2017-02-13

    This short story is a fanfiction about why the Machina is as it is! :D I hope you enjoy it! ~ ur friendly lobster c: