Tavern a1

An urban themed payload map during the evening

  1. Chains-
    Tavern is a single-stage Payload map with 4 cap points. After a long day of work, BLU decided
    to crash RED's party at the local tavern.

    Credits & Special Thanks

    Thank you mag as always for the help with everything.
    Thanks zap for helping with sightlines adjustments during testing.
    Hopeful for future updates later on.
    • Content Packs
      • Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack by A Boojum Snark (Always useful)
      • Autumnal Content Pack by Berry
      • Frontline Content Pack
      • Overgrown Prop Pack by Pear and Crash
      • Watergate Prop Pack by Egan
    • Models
      • Barrel Crates (longer size) by FGD5
      • Blue Radio Tower (BLU Imports of RED Products) by Void
      • Cart Bomb Nuke by tedrock
      • Cash Register by boomsta
      • Cat Lamp by Asd417
      • Chairman 101 Car by Rexy
      • Computer Screens Bank by Void
      • Corner Resupply Locker by MaccyF
      • Dumpster by MaccyF
      • Handrails (more sizes) by Ravidge
      • Holograms Control Point by Icarus
      • Jukebox by SiniStarR
      • Muscle Car by Crowbar
      • Modular Urban Fences by Necro
      • Neon Signs Alphabet by boomsta
      • Pickup Truck by boomsta
      • Re-sign by takabuschik (reskin of the sign_wood_cap model)
      • Record Player by SiniStarR
      • Tank Custom Skins by Narpas
      • Urban Doors by Necro
      • Vending Machine (vending_machine_101) by Rexy
    • Prefabs
      • Arch Tiles by B!scuit
    • Skybox
      • Wildfire from "Dusk till Dawn Skyboxes" by Void
    • Textures/Overlays
      • Adobe Textures by Void
      • Blue Roofs by Void
      • Colored Wallpaper Walls by AlexCookie
      • Extol Assets by Yrr
      • Hi-Res World Maps by Micmax
      • Re-Colored Pack by Radvidge
      • Striped Glass by AsG_Alligator
      • Sulfur Content Textures by Freyja
      • Team Colored Glass by Crash
      • Urban Textures by ArsenaL
    Every custom asset used can all be found under the Downloads’s section of TF2Maps.


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Recent Reviews

  1. UTNerd24
    Version: a1
    I dunno about you, But this map has a great visual style! Not sure if the custom payload texture is necessary, but It's a promising concept for an alpha! Can't wait to see what will become of it.