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Supercomputer A11b

Featuring 1MB of RAM!

  1. Cargo_Tokens
    My entry into the 2020 Pick It Up! minicontest. adctf_supercomputer is an Attack/Defend Capture the Flag map with interactive elements that make this map more dynamic than my Dynamic Control Point entry.

    BLU Team is attempting to download the location of RED's secret plans hidden inside of RED's state-of-the-art Supercomputer!

    Current Version: A11b
    Last Update: 5/20/2020


    1. adctf_supercomputer_a11b0000.jpg
    2. adctf_supercomputer_a11b0002.jpg
    3. adctf_supercomputer_a11b0013.jpg
    4. adctf_supercomputer_a11b0003.jpg
    5. adctf_supercomputer_a11b0004.jpg
    6. adctf_supercomputer_a11b0005.jpg
    7. adctf_supercomputer_a11b0006.jpg
    8. adctf_supercomputer_a11b0007.jpg
    9. adctf_supercomputer_a11b0008.jpg
    10. adctf_supercomputer_a11b0010.jpg
    11. adctf_supercomputer_a11b0011.jpg
    12. adctf_supercomputer_a11b0012.jpg

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