Route 51

Route 51 A8

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Route 51 A8

15 Less Than 66.

Route 51 is a payload map that was created for the 2019 72hr Summer Jam.

Blu Team is trying to rescue their cows that were stolen by UFOs! All they have to do is push their bomb through a large ravine and a movie studio where the moon landing was faked.

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Latest updates

  1. The Final Countdown

    Back2Basics ends in less than an hour! A8 improves everything sorta-kinda read the changelog. A8 CHANGELOG: Thanks internet for no one ruining the Area 51 meme too much, although it is completely irrelevant now, I still think the concept is...
  2. A7

    There aren't many layout changes in A7. The changelog is big because I just put a bunch of the smallest changes. Instead, respawn times have been balanced to give both teams to either push or hold a point with at least 5 people. (Is it bad to...
  3. 72hr v2 Electric Boogaloo

    With the time left on the B2B contest, it's almost like I have to make the map again in 72hrs seeing as how much I'll have to overhaul! Hopefully everything is getting better. The once tight choke of B has been redone to give BLU multiple ways of...