pick it up

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  1. TylowStar

    PD Pickups not dropping.

    I am making a PD map and the pickups that you convert into points aren't dropping when players die. I have checked by spawnng players outside the bounds of spawn, and they still do not drop. How can I fix this? SOLVED Use dynamic props, with proper prop routing.
  2. Wilson

    Mannscape A34

    Invade CTF map featuring Yukon theme, death pits, poor gameplay and nipples. Made for Pick it up contest.
  3. Startacker!

    Pick It Up! Sunday, May 3rd Gameday!

    Hi I'm experimenting, and also posting wayyyyyy in advance. Where: TF2Maps US, us.tf2maps.net:27015 When: May 3rd, 2020 at 2PM US Eastern Host: Startacker! Map List MAP | AUTHOR | TIME | DOWNLOAD Moraine | Tekku | 30 | https://tf2maps.net/downloads/moraine.9290/ Hotted Boobs | pont | 30 |...
  4. Cargo_Tokens

    Supercomputer A11b

    My entry into the 2020 Pick It Up! minicontest. adctf_supercomputer is an Attack/Defend Capture the Flag map with interactive elements that make this map more dynamic than my Dynamic Control Point entry. BLU Team is attempting to download the location of RED's secret plans hidden inside of...
  5. Aapelikaeki

    Gasoline A5

    The payload needs fuel! Why? Doesn't matter. What matters is that huge pile of gasoline tanks at the end of the track. Gasoline is a map combining payload and capture the flag, made by Aapelikaeki and Hamsterkins for the "Pick it up!" minor contest. At the start of the round and when the...
  6. Emil_Rusboi

    Overpass a1

    Overpass! Just like from CSGO! A collab map between me and Squishy for Pick It Up! contest (2020)
  7. Ovalos™

    pd_helium A2

    Player destruction map set inside a zepelin gondola, the pickups are australium bars. The point is some sort of platform that lowers when enabled and starts burning right as it goes away, I know this makes no sense but I thought it'd be fun so what the hell. This map was made for the Pick it Up...