Wavecut a4

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Wavecut a4

A TCDOM map, set in a spytech base in the jungle cliffs


made for the Territorial Domination contest
First release
Last update
Territorial Domination

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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 4

    Added backspawns to some configurations, as well as doors and holograms to try and ensure the first fight is fair and coherent. Added coloration and stripes around to color-code the areas better. Put a few more signs around in places they were...
  2. a3b

    I took a break while making this so I forgot most of the changes, Whoops. Fixed a bug with signs at A sometimes not changing skins. Fixed teleporter triggers reaching slightly outside of spawns. Clarified routes a bit, with subtle visual queues...
  3. en-smallening deployed

    Smalled the connectors Changed up A a lot and C a bit B got some tweaks, but mostly due to the connectors changing. Honestly pretty much everything is a little bit different except B is mostly the same. Also fixed a door not being a door oops.