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Steamboat Race 5E

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After uploading the previous update with the new lighthouse fixture, I realized that the control point hologram was showing up behind the glass. After a day of messing around in Blender and VTFedit I came up with a solution to show it properly. I also decreased the lightmap scale so the top of the lighthouse looks better, and a few other small fixes. All better!
Certain props being hidden or too far out
Props lit improperly
Other stuff I can't remember
Fighthouse now has a lighting fixture in it to change the cap_zone gameplay.
This update fixes several problems with the map's logic and a few visual ones.

  • Added slowing effect to water to prevent players from rushing to points without the boat
  • Shrunk hell and added healing effect to exit
  • Made hell not kill before the next point is contested
  • Moved hell exit to boats instead of spawn
  • Better fog logic for swamp versus spawn
  • Minor visual improvements
  • Shooting the paddleboxes in "Overdrive" will slow down the boats but not stop them entirely to be more fair to losing teams
  • Raised teleport volumes in swamp water
  • Reticulating Splines
This update is to correct a severe error in previous versions and improve the overall quality of the map. Particular fixes include:

  • Ring decals on the boats are now brushes to avoid crashing
  • Skybox no longer casts a shadow on the swamp and canal
  • Small details added to fix the skybox's appearance
  • Hell area now hurts less
  • Music is restored for your listening pleasure
  • Canyon looks more verdant
  • Displacement error fixed
I've updated the map to improve the feel and function of the boat's speed. Each boat jumps from 0 to 20 now, and now the invisible buttons in each paddlebox only activate during the "overdrive" mode.
I've updated the map to improve the functionality of the boats as well as the following:

-larger boats with a ramp to the top
-no music, it bloats the filesize.
-on-screen text to tell you when your boat is moving
-more signs
-improved trigger logic for boats
-all water is safe to dive in and teleports you unless "Lots-o-Crocs" is active
-other small fixes, too numerous to mention

try it and let me know what you think!