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Steamboat Race 5E

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Steamboat Race 5E

Balloon Race but on the sea and river

Like Balloon Race or Wacky Races, this best-of-seven competition occurs in two steamboats traveling to each point. Capture four to win!

Special rounds include:
One-and-Done (KOTH mode)
Lots-a-Crocs (water is deadly)
Oven Hell (portals at points)
Overdrive (only shooting the paddlebox slows the boat down)

I'm looking for feedback on if the special rounds are balanced, if the points are fun to play on and if there are any graphical glitches that hammer can somehow solve.
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Latest updates

  1. One day later, it's 5E!

    After uploading the previous update with the new lighthouse fixture, I realized that the control point hologram was showing up behind the glass. After a day of messing around in Blender and VTFedit I came up with a solution to show it properly. I...
  2. 5D fixes!

    Fixed: Certain props being hidden or too far out Props lit improperly Other stuff I can't remember Added: Fighthouse now has a lighting fixture in it to change the cap_zone gameplay.
  3. 5C for you and me!

    This update fixes several problems with the map's logic and a few visual ones. Added slowing effect to water to prevent players from rushing to points without the boat Shrunk hell and added healing effect to exit Made hell not kill before the...