snowycoast B6

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First release
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Latest updates

  1. Improved Defense of 3rd & Last

    SNOWYCOAST B6 CHANGES * Adjusted various spawn point facings to make side exits more obvious * Adjusted position of resupply cabinet in RED's 1st spawn * Added ledge to 2nd point flank route window * Adjusted common sentry nests on 2nd * Added...
  2. Updated to B5 (Post Valve Tough Break Version)

    SNOWYCOAST B5 CHANGES: Fixed several unintended perches Fixed being able to damage through the setup gates Added some fences & cover inside BLU's first spawn to reduce spam angles Added an extra resupply in BLU's first spawn and RED's last...

Latest reviews

Always liked this map. It seems unremembered but not underrated - whenever people are talking about official Payload maps, nobody mentions this one, but when someone does mention it, everyone goes "oh yeah, I like that map!"
And there's reason enough to like it - it's like Badwater, but it has a way better last. On top of that, the theme's pretty cool and the cart model is one of the best out there.
As much as I love this map's theme, it has quite a few flaws. Don't get me wrong, VALVe made the right call including this in-game, but there are some glaring issues.

1. BLU's spawn is really hard to push out of.

2. RED can defend second way too easily.

3. While I do love dynamic gates and stuff, the cart stops far too often and for far too long at the gates. (Kennel and Last).

That said, this map is very creative visually, and looks amazing.
I'd always hoped to revisit it with some changes to 2nd and 3rd specifically. I don't know if that will happen since I would need to do a lot of testing to make sure any changes don't negatively impact the fun parts of the map.
This is a community map? Holy Land of liberty.
it's in the game now, and it's one of my favorite maps
Fully deserved being made official by Valve. A great map and a great take on the theme. One of my favourite payload maps out there.
Very good map.