snowycoast B6

Antarctic Payload Map

  1. Improved Defense of 3rd & Last


    * Adjusted various spawn point facings to make side exits more obvious
    * Adjusted position of resupply cabinet in RED's 1st spawn
    * Added ledge to 2nd point flank route window
    * Adjusted common sentry nests on 2nd
    * Added light to entrance of lower flank route
    * Door near RED's first spawn now opens on A capture and closes on final bulkhead opening

    * RED no longer get forced respawn when 2nd is captured
    * Added minor spawn for RED once 2nd is captured, active until...
  2. Updated to B5 (Post Valve Tough Break Version)


    • Fixed several unintended perches
    • Fixed being able to damage through the setup gates
    • Added some fences & cover inside BLU's first spawn to reduce spam angles
    • Added an extra resupply in BLU's first spawn and RED's last spawn
    • Moved medium health kit at 1st point back towards BLU's side of choke
    • Changed collision on large railings to allow projectiles
    • Added some cover to the sentry platform inside last
    • Adjusted...