Town Fountain Model B1 - Link Fix

Make a wish! Any wish! But unless it's for a fountain with particles, it's not coming true here.

  1. EArkham

    Created by EArkham 2016

    Some content is derivative of official Valve content, all rights reserved.

    This content set will be updated periodically.

    Please do not redistribute these assets in any way EXCEPT when used, visible, and packed inside a functional custom map!


    Unzip this archive into your 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom' folder.

    Alternately if you use an automatic packing tool such as VIDE:

    Unzip this in a seperate folder, then move everything inside '/props_sphinx/' (folders '/models/' '/materials/' etc) directly into your 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\' folder.

    Start up Hammer through your preferred method. All assets can be found on the keyword 'fountain.'


    To use the fountain water particles, create an info_particle_system and place it at the origin of the fountain models (inside, at the very bottom). Doing this will line the effects up with the model.

    For "Particle System Name" use 'fountain_water' (without quotes) for the tall fountain, and 'fountain_water_short' (without quotes) for the smaller fountain. Make sure "Start Active?" is set to "Yes."

    Optionally you may want to flag these particles as weather.

    When you have compiled a map using the fountain particles, make a copy of prefix_mapname_version_particles.txt, rename it to match your map's name. If your map is "koth_example_b1," then the manifest will be called "koth_example_b1_particles.txt". Place this file in the same folder as your map.

    You might see console errors mentioning that particles "failed to precache." Don't worry about this; it's normal with custom particles.

    As long as your particles manifest is in the correct location, and your info_particle_system entities are correctly set up and turned on, you should see splashing water in game!


    Originally made for Muddy's map koth_kemptown.

    Why is this prop broken up into multiple pieces?

    This is to give the mapper the option to set up lighting and collision differently on each component, or to leave out the water entirely, if they so choose.

    Why is there collision on the water props?

    This is solely so that players walking on the bottom basin of water creates that pleasant splish-sploshy footstep noise. Disable collision if this is undesirable.

    What's the recommended settings for this prop set?

    I recommend using a 512x512 lightmap on the fountain base, vertex lighting on the fountain tiers with self shadowing turned OFF, and no vertex lighting or shadows enabled on the water. Collisions should be enabled for everything. The fountain instances are already set up like this.

    You are free to experiment with other settings! That's why it's a multipart prop.

    The water in the fountain is refractive. Can I disable that?

    Yes. Just use skin 1 (the 2nd skin) on the water for a non-refractive (but weaker looking) surface. Alternately, just don't use the prop water at all and add a brush with a traditional water texture.










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