Mayan Aztec Models and Assets B3

Rerelease of the content I contributed to the Mayann content pack

  1. EArkham
    MAYAN-slash-AZTEC Model Assets

    My contributions to the Mayann content pack, which is now no longer available since the site was taken down.


    This only includes the content I was responsible for creating. Making this available again with clear usage rights so folks can, well, make use of it.

    Notably it's missing YM's wall textures, which some of these models were intended to match.

    I'm using a couple of old images to show off what's in the set and they still say "WIP" on them cause I'm lazy.


    If you use these assets in a workshop map, you'll need to add me as a contributor. Please send me a private message on TF2maps BEFORE adding me on Steam so that I do not ignore your request by mistake.

    If you use the mayan_saxton001a, mayan_saxton001b, or mayan_saxton001c models, you will also have to add Sparkwire as a contributor as this model is a derivitive of his design.


    1. wip_mayan_decor02b.jpg
    2. wip_stairs01.jpg
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