Skylights A5

The very first public alpha I have made.

  1. Version 5; The Experimental Build

    20190512110807_1.jpg 20190512110819_1.jpg 20190512110846_1.jpg 20190512110852_1.jpg 20190512110903_1.jpg 20190512111019_1.jpg
    This update not only widened up to try and counteract the WAY too tight point from before, but has a flatter roof and more options to snipe at, shoot down and otherwise attack people on the roof, and less options for people on the roof to spam down onto the point and people mindlessly. Also, testing out more one-way...
  2. FeedbackLoop.wav

  3. Skylights A3: Another Overhaul

    Say hello to A3. It's an overhaul to make the map smaller, more streamlined, and kill off even more of the unneeded flanks. The geometry is so different that trying to point it out would be hard, so instead have these screencaps.
    20190414095328_1.jpg 20190414095427_1.jpg 20190414095505_1.jpg 20190414095520_1.jpg 20190414095550_1.jpg 20190414095906_1.jpg 20190414100054_1.jpg
    Hopefully this will be the one that kills off the previous...
  4. Skylights A2 has been finished!

    Hi! So a lot has changed between this version and the second version, mainly focused on addressing the problems the first one had and decluttering the geometry. 20190407160312_1.jpg
    You can even see how much simpler it is from the overhead! Notable changes include;
    A simplified spawnroom, with an upper passage that leads right to the sniper deck.
    The water area being removed and geometry being reworked to be much simpler....
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  5. Uploaded the repacked version.

    Edit: Attempted to reupload the repacked version, since the original wasn't correct, and it didn't work. If you want the repacked one, you can find it on the workshop or the mirror at the bottom. Sorry! :oops: