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Apparently any change I make to the map has to be accompanied by a new version number to be accepted as an update by the test server. So, here's V5, the exact same as the last iteration of V4, but alright.
In testing, I found that someone standing on top of the rocket when it launches could get it stuck. So, I added a little fix for that.
Mhm, now it launches whenever someone wins the game. I'd like to make the exhaust kill everyone, but before I can get particles for it that actually feel beefy enough for that to feel justified, I'll hold off.
Where is it aimed at? That's a little above your paygrade to ask, isn't it mercenary?
I also improved the lighting in the launch tube a lot, which reduced compile errors and really lowered the filesize, as well as looking better.
Happy nuking.
I had to fix a teeny weeny brush out of place because it looked bad. And then I spent an hour trying to get the map to work right after the update. I hope you people appreciate the perfectionism effort I put into this.
And by that I mean recompiling and cut-pasting things until hammer decides they're allowed to work. Also I changed the spawn windows a bit. Oh, and I updated the photos on the download page.
I didn't know "A" meant "Alpha" and frankly alphas and betas haven't been how I've designed this map, so let's just go with nice ol' V3.
This update reverts the invisible barriers on the upper catwalk and rocket. But, to allow for a little more counterplay up there, I added a vent from each team's spawns that opens up next to the catwalk.
I also made the point a little more dynamic without doing anything too drastic.
I don't know how stable this version is; There were a few issues with things like door visualizers late in development. But, I want to ship a version that I at least know works before I start breaking things again by recompiling over and over.
I don't know how this'll stack up against the first version, but I think it's a fair bit better than the second at least. Have fun, friends.
Cleaned up the geometry a bit, added some details, and put barriers around the top of the rocket and the upper catwalk (it was pointed out to me how good those would be for, say, Demoman).
Aaaaaand of course there were floating barrels. Okay, now it should all at least be correctly assembled.
I didn't know you should repack maps if you wanted them to be tested. So here you go, TF2Maps.