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  1. A Smooth Criminal

    Silo V5A

    Hello. I got Hammer++ recently for fun. I've never done mapping before and I thought I'd just mess around for a bit with the editor to see what it could do. Little did I know that it'd turn into 3 days of my life pretty much being dedicated entirely to this thing. It may not have perfected...
  2. Ðoge

    Variety of Wall Holes 2022-07-25

    Different holes with different materials made be me without custom stuff, only build in game materials and props. Use on any of your maps, credit or don't credit me, gonna leave it for your will. May enlarge collection in the future. P.S. ignore black rocks on some screenshots, it`s a problem of...
  3. SnickerPuffs

    Snicker's Colored Concrete Mini-Pack v1

    I wanted to have a less-bad version of concrete/wall011b, so I made one! ...and several variants. COMES WITH: - Four colors! (Blue, Red, Green, and White) - Four styles for each color! (Standard, Light Stripes on Uncolored, Dark Stripes on Uncolored, and Stripeless) INSTALLATION: To use...
  4. Suna

    Concretewall012z - fixed v1

    Valve never bothered to fix the compression that is found on the original texture, so this removes it. (also makes the blue a bit bolder) Feel free to alter this any way you like.
  5. Invalid nick

    dewm - texture and decals pack rc1

    pack includes: 20 textures: concrete textures, blue, red, leaking top and sandy bottom metal textures, blue, red, yellow, white, gray, black some various textures, glass, lava, doorway lamp 15 decals: red and blue "logo" floor stripes, dotted, lined, yellow, white "capture point" hazard, fall...