Medieval Siege Machine A6

They say medieval payload isn't possible.

  1. City Planning

    Version A6: Hired a professional medieval city planner named Althalos Terrowin to redesign the entire 2nd stage to be more village-like.

    -Ye Olde Changelog-

    1st Stage
    • Adjusted blu spawn to make the front area slightly smaller.
    • Moved some of blu's spawnpoints to the other side.
    • Widened left cave blu spawn exit.
    • Made bridge over water more narrow.
    • Removed a flame for arrows outside blu spawn.

    2nd Stage
    • Redesigned entire stage...
  2. Stuff


    • Increased Red respawn timer

    Stage 1
    • Catapult wont trap you when it spawns in.
    • Boxes in spawn can't be broken.

    Stage 2
    • Fixed being able to push cart before setup ended in stage 2.
    • Added spawnroom trigger to red spawn.
  3. Fixed Stage 2 Round Timer

    "Fixed Stage 2 Round Timer"

    How I did not realize that was an issue during debugging is beyond me. Maybe cause I skipped to stage 2 immediately instead of capping the cart at the last second.
  4. Fixed Server Crash

    Apparently the custom health and ammo packs crashed people's games, so I've removed them.
  5. Introducing Stage 2!

    It's been a while, but hopefully it's been worth the wait. The highly requested second stage is now ready for testing!

    Changelog (for stage 1):
    • Removed scaffolding from Blu spawn in favor of the jump system from the end.
    • Made the catapult more obvious.
    • Slightly more height variation along sides of cart path.
    • Adjusted the large health pack bridge and cave.
    • Adjusted the positioning of some rocks.
    • Deleted the rocks around the outpost.
    • Added more ammo pack for...
  6. Ups and Downs

    More height variation. (more dramatic height differences in some areas)

    • Redesigned middle area with a new fort area for more interesting sniper battles.
    • Slightly more height variation along track (I used displacements because it was easier than redoing all the brushwork for the ground).
    • Fixed the "climb" feature.
    • Reduced max round timer length to 5:30 (from 6).
    • Reduced time bonus after capping 1st to 4 minutes (from 4:30).
    • Added a sign to mark A (1st...
  7. Yo dawg I heard you like unbroken catapults so we unbrokened your catapult

    Fixed the catapult breaking.
  8. Now with 100% more Catapult

    Read all about it:

    • New catapult for blu that enables after 1st is capped.
    • Blu is able to "climb" the tower at the end cap.
    • New fence and rocks to cut some sightlines.
    • New bridge to some health at cliff.
    • Max timer reduced to 6 minutes.
    • Removed cart rollback.
    • Adjusted Blu's spawn.
    • Adjusted Red's wall to reduce fall damage.
    • Adjusted the cart so that you can't get stuck as easily.
    • Demo charge ramps from within Red base.
    • Added spectator...