Shipment 2.5 (release)

Mannhattan-style KOTH

  1. First full release!

    -Added, refined, and remade many lighting sources
    -Changed the signs used for the RED/BLU warehouse to better reflect the theme

    -Completely rehauled the underground passage (teams can now transfer to the opposing team's side easier!)

    -Many clipping errors fixed
    -Many geometry errors fixed
    -Opened up the spawn rooms some more + added additional texturing and props

    -Environmental lighting changed to make a more 'evening'...
  2. Lighting and texture improvements

    -Improved the lighting in the battlements + underground sections so they're a lot less harsh to view
    -Added multiple new decals
    -Changed the texture of the Red 'maze' area to better suit the surrounding structures
    -Added an extra platform between the trains at spawn
    -Changed the texture on the edges of the spawn platforms to resemble safety warnings
  3. Lighting fixes

    many lighting fixes but also fixed the blu whistle again, now onto geometry.
    (coming tomorrow?)
  4. Minor Rendering fixes

    -Fixed the Blu whistle not rendering correctly, as well as several smaller props.
    -Fixed the subway train playing its animation at a slower rate