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  1. .Merlin.

    Rolling Harbor a4b

    Rolling harbor is an symmetrical king of the hill based map where both teams fight for their cargo in the middle of the map, when the hill is captured the corresponding teams train will move up for added cover. This is the first time i have ever made a map for an source game now appreciate the...
  2. Gothic Organist

    koth_havenstad_72h_a6 a6

    Fight over a quiet harbor where a point is suspended above the canal with a crane. The point moves to the opposing teams side when captured, as an attempt to encourage back and forth capturing and to make the objective more dynamic. It features multiple routes to every location and a lot of...
  3. Toxic Coffee

    hotpoint a1

    A simple King of the Hill map partly inspired by Sawmill. Battle in the dome for rights to the point, cause for certain they aren't gonna give them to ya for free...
  4. C

    pl_hubris s1_a4

    Stage 1 of a planned 3 stage pl map RED has set up a dig site in the Egyptian desert. BLU intell suggests that they're unearthing a large statue. Strangely, there seems to be a lot of high tech machinery being shipped in... Best to blow it up, just in case. Stage 1: Stow the cart onto the...
  5. Neketo

    Seadog A10b

    Harbor-themed King of The Hill map with thematically-appropriate death pits. Fight over a warehouse of fish. Credits: Gadget's Railroad Tracks The Frontline Pack The Swamp Pack The Construction Pack Vig's Decker Prop Pack BulletCrops Content Pack AsG_Alligator's Roof spine props EArkham's...
  6. zythe_

    Delivery a1

    My first ever attempt at a pd map! Lets hope this doesen't suck...
  7. T

    Koth_Harbor A1

    A Koth Map made for the 72hr Jam It is loosely based on a harbor with emphesis on vertical gameplay its just your basic run of the mill KotH Map
  8. LiquidX

    Frigate A3 Hotfix

    In the RED Harbor, a frigate containing precious resources can be found. However, BLU has snuck their way in to try and pillage the ship, and RED must defend their ship from the coming intruders! Who will harvest the harbor? ********** NOTES: This is my first time uploading here! Woo! I...
  9. Suna

    Shipment 2.5 (release)

    I proudly present my first mapping project: KOTH_Shipment! Heavily inspired (and maybe a little bit stolen) from MVM_Mannhattan, KOTH_Shipment is set in the same facility as that seen in MVM_Mannhattan, before the death of Redmond and Blutarch Mann and and acquisition by Mann Co. Now complete...
  10. Wolfen

    72hr KOTH_Railferry a3

    A small KOTH map set on on the docks for a floating railyard. Models used are credited to the teams and people below. Thanks to the Frontline Team: Square, donhonk, ✥ℜ☯ℑℵ✥, populus, sky, UEAKCrash , Bapaul, Evil_Knevil, Psyke, Colteh, NeoDement, ✨SedimentarySocks✨, Chaofanatic, void~...
  11. Simulacron

    72hr Cliffharbor b3_reuploaded

    This is my entry to the 72h summer jam of 2016. It's my first detail map ever, that uses the frontline assets and takes place on a military habor of the blu team. Rescources used: Frontline pack: here Abs mapping rescource pack: here