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sd_bomb_rugby a4

Deliver 3 bombs to the enemy base

A close quarters map with 3 main routes where you have to deliver a bomb (flag) which spawns at the center to the enemy base.
First release
Last update
Invade CTF
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Latest updates

  1. a4

    * HUD now displays the capture progress. * The Bomb respawns quicker after being captured (30s->20s). The setup time has been left unchanged (30s). * The crate on the way to Big Rooms has been moved, with the surrounding route being readjusted. *...
  2. a3

    * Added a ramp from Tunnels directly to Cap. * Added a new route from Cap to Big Rooms. * Removed the shortcut from Cap to Tunnels/Mid which was too close to the new route. * Sniper Battlements overlooking Main is now a two-way route, providing a...
  3. a2

    * Control point capture rate increased by 46% * Capture rollback rate is now 60% of the capture rate (was equal to the capture rate) * The capture area was slightly increased (bomb carriers LOVED to stay JUST outside the capture zone) * The map...