invade ctf

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  1. Katsu! :3

    The User Manual: Control the Keep

    Control the Keep is a custom, hybrid Capture the Flag & King of the Hill gamemode created by @Spipper in 2014. The gamemode consists of bringing the singular flag between each team's base, and gaining time. There are four things that define Control the Keep at its best: There must be a neutral...
  2. TheWither031

    Tycoon (tf2) a2c

    tf2 port of my open fortress map "mctf_tycoon_a2a"
  3. Rerun

    Topper a3a

    Diagonally symmetric Invade CTF map set in a city with a rocket test facility in it. Deliver the flag to the enemy team's base and boost yourself to the star of their tree to score. Make the other team's rocket launch and deliver a deadly payload of radiated snow to win. Credits: Single-flag...
  4. LizardOfOz

    sd_red_planet a13

    A close quarters map with 3 main routes where you have to deliver a bomb (flag) which spawns at the center to the enemy base.
  5. Kiglirs

    Redleaf Winds a2

    This is my 1st entry for a 72h jam. I had a lot of time where i was unavailable, so it could be better. But i'm happy with the result of the map within the times, i feel it's ok
  6. zythe_

    chimney rc2

    invade ctf map with funny Christmas chimneys and shit
  7. pont

    Crasher rc8

    CRASHER! IS NOW AVAILABLE TO PLAY IN SCREAM FORTRESS! Introducing the newest Halloween Boss, YOU! Crasher is a Mad Science-themed Invade Capture the Flag map where flag carriers are Giants! Escort your Giant safely to the enemy gate, and take down the enemy giant before it can reach...
  8. Roboto

    ctf_jank a1a

  9. Springy

    smeltery a1

    some gimmicky invade CTF thing I made, decided to upload just in case I want to put it to a map test Bombs randomly spawn on conveyor in the middle of the map, which you need to deliver to both enemy points, and defend yours at the same time
  10. Aulli

    unforgivingstructure a2

  11. Yrr

    Big Boys a5

    Made for April Fools 2021 Concept, Logic, Textures, Design by Yrrzy Layout by Pont Voiceover by Benjamoose Special Thanks Mr. Burguers Catfish FloofCollie Idolon Startacker
  12. zythe_

    epicenter a1

    I've decided to bring new life to an old TFC map called epicenter! A map that would have otherwise been forgotten is now getting a full tf2 style remake with only a few gameplay updates such as new spawn exits and an extra route into the cap area. Epicenter was originally a invade CTF map! Now...
  13. Wilson

    Mannscape A34

    Invade CTF map featuring Yukon theme, death pits, poor gameplay and nipples. Made for Pick it up contest.
  14. AlexEatDonut

    ctf_boomsday a6

    I made this for the Pick it up mini contest. The version that idecided to go with in the contest was a6, it's not perfect, but i got burned out making this map (lockdown, depression, all that nasty stuff got mixed). It features the invade ctf gamemode (it is very broken) and bombs. Not only...
  15. Startacker!

    Dia E1

  16. potatoesepic

    Avenue a1

    THIS MAP IS A WORK IN PROGRESS Avenue is a CTF mixed with attack / defend where there is only one flag both teams are trying to get. To score, one team must take the intelligence from the middle of the map and bring it to the enemy base. When one team scores 3 points, they win. Why is it...
  17. LFSoniccraft10

    ctf_echoiaffor a1

    hmm yes long map oops i hope u enjoy it i am too lazy to write anymore theres like nothing in the map
  18. Spipper

    Redplanet a6

    Just remembered I never made a thread for this map. So here we go: Redplanet is an experimental invade-ctf-koth map made in 72 hours back in 2014. The flag starts out neutral in the middle of the map. When a team picks up the flag and captures it in the enemy teams base, the capturing teams...
  19. Suna

    Isotope Final

    Two teams fight over a heavy water production plant, by blowing up half of it. How do you blow up half of it, you ask? By dumping some australium down a pipe of course! Of course you can't actually dump it down there without getting yourself down there. Some of you may die, but that is a...
  20. B!scuit

    SG_Offworld A2

    You travel to other planets to steal resources and... deliver them to the enemy team!? It's standard Capture the Flag but: - You deliver the Intelligence to the ENEMY base - The Flag spawns on another planet, which can only be accessed by Stargate / Teleporter The rules of the Stargate are...