Scourge B4

Dynamic 4CP Attack/Defend map set in an arctic facility

  1. Skylark
    Version: B4
    Rushed into beta, B4 is almost identical to A1 and it got there by ignoring feedback. All of the points have issues, they've been feedbacked a lot, I can't tell you any new information.
    This has the potential to be fun.

    I'm honestly not sure why this was Featured, at least not yet.
  2. Snufflepus Penguin
    Snufflepus Penguin
    Version: B4
    I like maps that take inspiration from CP_Steel, and I think this a pretty solid map. I was a bit confused where to go at places with all the changes with each point, I think there might be a bit too many changes for each point capped. Compare to Steel, capping a point would usually grant one or two major changes, here I feel lots of corridors are opening and shutting, causing confusion. The final point is too hard to see, it's not obvious where it is as I went past it several times without knowing where D was. It has lots of potential though, but in this state feels a bit like a labyrinth.