Scourge B4

Dynamic 4CP Attack/Defend map set in an arctic facility

  1. kevin gator
    cp_scourge is an Attack/Defend map designed with 6v6 (and Prolander, to an extent) in mind. This is not a Gravel Pit copy however; it's something entirely new. The layout is similar to that of cp_steel, but with only 4 control points and a much more modern approach to geometry.

    Scourge combines elements of 5CP map design with the non-linear rotation-based gameplay of Steel. Like Steel, the last point becomes more accessible to attackers with every point they capture. The point starts out in the ceiling of the last point, with no possibility of BLU team capturing it, and with every point captured, it moves further down before reaching the ground level after C is captured.

    Every point capture increases the timer by 3 minutes. Additional results of each point capture are as follows:
    Point A:
    -Point D unlocks and moves down from the ceiling, accessible only by jumping classes
    -Gates between BLU spawn and B unlock
    -RED team starts spawning in the upper C-side part of lobby
    -Gate between A and B slowly opens
    -RED instantly respawns
    -D main shutter locks
    Point B:
    -Point D moves down and is slightly more accessible but still impossible to reach from ground level
    -Central gates in BLU spawn unlock
    -BLU respawn time decreases
    -Gate between B and C slowly opens
    -Red team loses access to the upper spawn exit
    -Switches the direction of the one-way shutter into lobby from inside>ouside to outside>inside
    -D main shutter unlocks
    -Doorway between skylight room and alley is blocked off
    Point C:
    -Point D moves down to just above ground level
    -RED team respawn time increases.
    -Moves RED spawn down to the starting spawn location and closes off their C exit
    -Lobby is divided in half
    -A new route from C corridor in lobby to D opens up
    Point D:
    -BLU team wins

    Assets used:
    Construction Assets (
    Frontline Supply Drop (
    One Way Door Sign by Zeus3005 (
    Snowycoast Textures by EArkham (


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