Scorched Earth (PL) A3

Somewhere in New Mexico, the sun sets on a quiet Pueblo village...

  1. Alpha 3

    Da Spud Lord
    Alpha 3
    NOTE: Last version, I falsely noted that I had widened the stairs and hallway on the right leading to the first CP. However, a reversion caused this change to be removed from the final result, but this never got removed from the changelog. The A2 changelog has been updated to correct this, and the change has been properly included in this version.
    -Added railings on the balcony overlooking the cliff near the third CP so players don't get pushed off the cliff as easily
    -The wood...
  2. Alpha 2

    Da Spud Lord
    Alpha 2
    -Slightly shifted the payload train's origin to match the center of the wheels
    -Optimization improvements
    -Widened the underground tunnel in the payload spawn area
    -Made the first CP area larger
    -Reworked Blu's spawn
    -Blocked off one of the windows overlooking the payload spawn area to block a sightline directly into Blu's spawn
    -The sniper hut near the first CP now has 2 entrances on either side
    -Adjustments to health and ammo placements near first CP
    -Replaced the orange dev...