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  1. Osac

    ARENA [MC22] Besieged

    Osac submitted a new resource: Besieged - An asymetrical arena map somewhat inspired by R6 and CS Read more about this resource...
  2. B!scuit

    acme A4

    Blue starts in a Field, Red starts in a Cave In the middle, a Canyon. Expect much spawncamping and an unbalanced experience. Also Market Gardeners & Pyrosharks abound
  3. zythe_

    zythetiftid_mc19 a1

    a collaborative project for the 19th mircrocontest with @Tiftid who made what side? who knows! lets see if 14bit can figure it out.
  4. Nixon

    Bellfilter a3

    Everything besides the obvious complete asymmetry follows KOTH design axioms. I've tried to keep roll-out times identical, but every other bit of balance will be hard to achieve. Wish me luck :) Also I know that generally asymmetry is a bad idea, I just find symmetry played out.
  5. OctoBlitz

    Sabotage a17

    Sabotage was a project I started in mid 2018 to help me understand payload's logic and get a feel for displacements, and with 2 years passing by I have decided to return to this project with a new skill set and understanding of hammer as a whole. This new and improved version of Sabotage...
  6. OctoBlitz

    Frigid A2A

    My entry into the Connect 5 mapping contest and my first real attempt at Attack/Defend. Set in an abandoned lumber mill in the mountains, this map was inspired by Coldfront, Barnblitz, Overgrown, and Lumberyard, and I will improve on the layout and gameplay based on these inspirations as...
  7. Asd417

    Hazyfort RC6

    Welcome to Hazyfort, a formally heavily fortified castle. Now it is a booming agricultural town. RED thought it was a good idea to use the castle as a rocket base and now mercenaries of BLU will have to take control of this base before RED actually tries to fire a Heavy High-Orbit Rocket in the...
  8. samjooma

    cp_sewage a1

    This is an Attack/Defence map similar to cp_steel, which means that the last point is always possible to capture, and capturing it wins the round for blue team. Capturing the other control points makes it harder for red to defend the last point because it disables spawn doors that red have to...
  9. Hosomi

    Asym2 koth_shrine_asym a8

    An asymetrical king of the hill map, as part of the Asymetrical Boogaloo, just to spice everything up. This is gonna be a bitch to balance