Roxanne B1

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Roxanne B1

An Autumnal themed Arena map for the 72hr Jam

The cap can move between rounds. Spooky!

@Berry, for the Autumnal Content Mini-Pack
The "Frontline!" Team, for the chain model I used
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Latest updates

  1. Beta 1 : You Don't Have To Put on The RED Light

    The update title is a joke because I've done basically no detailing to the RED side of the map ________ - Increased brightness in lower cap area by replacing the light_spots with plain light entities - Lengthened the team color-striped fences by...
  2. Alpha 4 : Don't Care if it's Wrong or if it's Right

    - Added ramps up to the roof on both sides of the mid building - Lowered mid building by 64hu - Removed health packs on mid building roof - Increased capture time to 12 seconds (from 8 seconds) - Added some spectator and welcome cameras Next...
  3. Alpha 3 : "The point has moved, mortals!"

    The upper capture point is now on the roof! Clearly, there are no limits to the ingenuity of mankind. _______ - Experimenting with the design of Mid. Added some holes in the walls, and reworked the interior - Moved the upper capture point to the...