Sonoma Bryer
    Fixed capture zone not being marked

    Sonoma Bryer
    Fixed clipping issue around mid
  3. Route Update

    Sonoma Bryer
    +added a new route to help make getting to the high ground from mid easier
    +increased width of the path over pit

    -removed support beams in mid to allow more freedom of movement
    |other minor adjustments
    |moved cover in lower route up


    1. rivet.PNG
  4. Routes Update

    Sonoma Bryer
    Significantly simplified routes
    Shortened map length
    Texture fixes
    +added new grate over the pit so you no longer have to go through the point to get to the other side
    -removed route leading to the door
    -removed route connecting side route to mid route

  5. Lighting Update

    Sonoma Bryer
    +added proper doors
    +added more cubemaps

    -removed wall in side route
    -removed platform in side route

    |shortened the width of the side route
    |brightened up gameplay spaces
    |altered some signage
    |changed color of lights
    |changed shape of roof above point
    |fixed pixel walk on some clipping
    |changed brush work around
    |fixed several instances of z fighting


    1. riveta3.PNG
  6. Rivet Alpha 2

    Sonoma Bryer
    Second playtest version of Rivet, an arena map

    |fixed BLU spawning with RED
    |fixed some minor texture stuff
    |fixed soundscapes not playing
    |fixed leak
    |fixed soundscapes not playing

    +added signage
    +added cover to lower route
    +added generator to side route
    +added lights
    +added info_observer_point
    +added markers for capture zone

    +increased capture zone
    +increased length of a wall in the side route

    Please give feedback!