cp_windfall a1

A symmetrical 5cp map intended for 6v6 competitive play.

  1. Collaide
    Current version: a1
    Past versions: -

    This map is intended for competitive 6v6 play. I tried to do some detailing (for personal practice) even though it is merely an alpha map. So far out of all the versions (see below) I have spent probably way more than 250 hours in total. Got inspiration from process, snakewater and sunshine.

    Story of windfall
    Both RED and BLU recieved a large a mount of money from an anonymous source. They both also found out about a small island which is strategically located. They bought half of it each and payed a company to build up a base but what they did not realise was that their rival did the same thing. There was no better way of settling their dispute of who's gonna own the island than an old-fashioned firefight! [I am a bad writer]

    Story of the mapping of windfall
    This is the spiritual successor of my previous (maps) waterworks, which was completely reworked about 7 times. The eight time I completely reworked it, I felt like the name should be more unique in order to distinguish it from maps like glassworks and metalworks.

    Any feedback is apperciated! However, major layout changes and fixing unintentional game-breaking bugs is my first priority!


    Middle point:

    Left Flank:

    Right Flank:

    Second point:

    Lobby #1:[​IMG]

    Lobby #2:

    Last #1:

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