cp_windfall a7

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cp_windfall a7

A symmetrical 5cp map intended for 6v6 competitive play.

Current version: a7
Past versions: -

This map is intended for competitive 6v6 play. I tried to do some detailing (for personal practice) even though it is merely an alpha map. So far out of all the versions (see below) I have spent probably way more than 400 hours in total. Got inspiration from process, snakewater and sunshine.

Story of windfall v1.2
RED and BLU both cheaply acquired half of an island, which coincidentally has a large amount of natural resources. Without the other side knowing, they bought half of the island each. When they found out who the other half belonged to, they hired mercenaries to seize the industrial operations of the entire island. [I am a bad writer]

Story of the mapping of windfall
This is the spiritual successor of my previous (maps) waterworks, which was completely reworked about 7 times. The eighth time I completely reworked it, I felt like the name should be more unique in order to distinguish it from maps like glassworks and metalworks.

Any feedback is apperciated! However, major layout changes and fixing unintentional game-breaking bugs is my first priority!

TeamfortressTV Thread:
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. a7: Spawn door fix & choke thing

    Changelog: a6 to a7 CHOKE: Choke is a tiny bit higher. Made it easier to realize you can't shoot above the metal beam BUG FIX: Fixed the game-breaking shutter door bug on last. Personal comment: Hopefully these this version has no...
  2. Spawn Time Fix!

    Fixed being able to stand on some shutter doors, and the cap times.
  3. Change from feedback

    Got a lot of good feedback on a4 and adjusted the map accordingly. Discuss on TFTV: https://www.teamfortress.tv/35636/cp-windfall#1 Screens: https://imgur.com/a/30DsyGj