Redmel a4fix

Somewhere in Egypt, 2 teams perform the task of the greatest tank general - Redmel

  1. Changing textures update!

    Gameplay changes:
    - Added crates at the mid to climb on enemy balcony area
    - Added some walls on Main route of Spawn-Mid
    - Added crates at Trainway area to climb on train containers
    - Now Redmel's Tank fall to the end of the gorge

    Graphics changes:
    - Retextured Mid to dev textures
    - Retextured Tomb to dev textures
    - Retextured Spawn-Mid area to dev textures

    - Added task text on the start of the round and Redmel's Appearing
  2. Texturing, fixing and Redmel's deleting update

    Gameplay Changes:
    - Deleted Redmel's Playermodel
    - Deleted some Redmel's voicelines

    Graphics Changes:
    - Textured main area of the map - Temple
  3. Texturing, stucking and fixes update

    Small Changes:

    - Textured some objects on the map
    - Removed tank's collision and added blockbullets
    - Updated speech files of Redmel
    - Added some overlays

    Gameplay Changes:

    - Changed tunnel Mid-SpawnArea
  4. Redmel's AI, routes and trainway area update

    Update LIst:
    - Closed up route MidCentre-Underground
    - Closed up route Market-Mid (Redmel's Gate still exist)
    - Changed route Spawn-UpperMid
    - Deleted route spawn Cliff - MidCliff
    - Added details at Redmel's Garage
    - Added fun things near Redmel's Garage
    - Added new fun train
    - Started to make Redmel's AI
    - Added glow to Redmel
  5. Temple enters and Redmel's garage update!

    Update list:
    - Remade red and blu spawns
    - Remade area between spawns and middle
    - Remade area between Temple enter and Redmel's Hangar
    - Remade Redmel's Hangar. Now it is arabic garage
    - Remade cliff routes: Deleted them at all, because they are useless
    - Added health and ammo kit to the edge of cliff in the underground
    - Added few observer points
    - Added hurt trigger to the Temple gate
    - Remade Trainways
  6. Oops! File Size Fix!

    I added some custom music just for fun while was making this map, but then I forgot to remove it.

    File size fix:
    - Deleted Shakira's "This time for Africa" song
    - Deleted Sabaton's "Ghost Division" song
    - Reduced file size from 83mb to 13,5mb
    - Added a few observer points