Redmel a11

Somewhere in Egypt, 2 teams perform the task of the greatest tank general - Redmel

  1. Cover

    More cover
  2. A10 - Less Cramped

    - Made map less cramped
  3. Alpha 9: Mid-Spawn area rework


    - Complete rework of Mid-Spawn area
    - Rework of Spawn
    - Some Mid layout tweeks
    - Changed tank model to cart model


    - Some ligthing and beams/trims
  4. Alpha 8: Layout Changes and small fixes


    - Removed trainway area
    - Added few sandbags
    - Made some barriers tranparent, so enemy could see what happens behind them
    - Changed Tank moving time: >40s ==> 37s
    - Changed final length: 35s ==> 5s


    - Small overlays fixes
    - Some props fixes
    - Some brush fixes
  5. Stuck Little-Fix & Covers Update!

    Gameplay changes:

    - Added tanks appearing timer at the start of the round
    - Added some metal barriers on cliff way
    - Removed some useless cover and clips at each team MID main enter


    - Fixed a little bit Tank Stuck Problem, still buggy
  6. Fixes, but at the same time not Fixes Update!

    Gameplay Changes:

    - Added countdown timer for Redmel's Appearing
    - Moved health and ammo pack at Backrooms
    - Changed clipping at trainway
    - Added crates at Cliff stairs
  7. Heights Remake and cool stuff Update!

    Gameplay Changes:

    - Remade Mid
    - Remade Market
    - Remade Spawn-Mid and Spawn-Market area
    - Changed "Points for each Player" from 4 to 3

    Cosmetics Changes:

    - Added Maid's Safety Place
    - Added Operation map on each spawn
    - Added Tank's gas trail
    - Added Endgame (Blowing up losers base)
  8. Tank's & Mid's Update!

    Gameplay Changes:
    - Added crates on Mid to get up on the Mid Upper Area
    - Changed Mid Bridge Height
    - Added fence's on Cliff Mid Flanks
    - Changed Mid Enter and Mid-Spawn area

    Cosmetics Changes:
    - Added stencils for Tank moving path
    - Changed Tank's appearing sound from Soldiers Voiceline to Admistrator
    - Changed Dancing Spies to Static Spy cutouts
    - Added navigation signs
  9. Music Update!

    Gameplay Changes:
    - Added crates at Market to climb on Market Bridge
    - Added Sightline-fixing Box at Mid-Spawn
    - Added fence on Mid-Spawn stairs
    - Resized Market Backroom

    Cosmetic Changes:
    - Added Music for BLU win
  10. Cleaning Up! Update

    Gameplay Changes:
    - Removed Tomb Area
    - Added Backroom in Market area under the tank stairs
    - Removed Cliff Area
    - Removed clips at Mid-Spawn area
    - Changed length between train containers
    - Added Climbiing crates on top of train containers

    Graphic Changes:
    - Repainted Mid High Buildings
    - Added instruction on the spawn