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  1. Emil_Rusboi

    Redmel a11

    Somewhere in Egypt, 2 sides of the conflict - Right Eternal Dominion and Badlands Liberty Union, fighting for supremacy in the region. This will be the biggest tank battle in history! And so, they find in the ruins the base of the greatest tank general in history - John Redmel Doe! He says: "If...
  2. DrLinnerd

    Portside A5

    During world war 2 two competing factories hire mercenaries to take over the competition. With the control point on the bridge, you can use the houses to fire upon the point, or swim under the bridge to flank around.
  3. Infomaniac

    Overlay Red/Blu Propaganda Posters

    I'm currently making a frontline map and I want red/blu propaganda posters to decorate the buildings with.
  4. ★iSlime★

    [KOTH] WarTown B1a

    This is a king of the hill map made specifically for frontline. This will require that you have the assets in order for the map to function properly. I made this map in about a week and I plan on updating it with fixes and other planned additions and changes I have in mind. Feedback is...
  5. 13fabio57

    72hr Manncity a1

    map created in less then 72 hr. made for the comunity update Frontline! (you need the frontline supply drop. download it here) ps. this is also the first map i publish :D
  6. the_rad

    72hr Koth_Reach_a4 A4

    I hate this map. I made it for the 72 hrs jam.
  7. Viemärirotta

    72hr Karelia a7a

    5cp rotational map I did for the 72hr jam in 47 hours. It's set in a Finnish town in Karelia during the Winter War. I haven't really based the layout on any 5cp map, but I have taken inspiration from Shoreleave for the mid bridge.