Random Loadout Generator App for Android

Random Loadout Generator App for Android V1.0

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Random Loadout Generator App for Android V1.0

Spice up your TF2 gameplay with totally random loadouts!

About a month ago, I spent a week in a forest with a bunch of boring people and my phone. To pass the days, I downloaded a neat, simple little mobile IDE called Sketchware (#NotSponsored), and used that to make this. I then promptly forgot about it until now, when I decided I'd share it because why not. Have fun.

I have no plans to create an iOS version. I also have not uploaded this to the Play Store because that costs money which I'm not paying.

Screenshot_20180828-195615.png Screenshot_20180828-195741.png Screenshot_20180828-195834.png Screenshot_20180828-195845.png
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