Production RC6

Seize the means of destruction

  1. The 'tired' update

    It's 5am so i'll make this quick

    +Mission improvements

    +Added extra detail
    Pretty minor stuff, mostly just improvements to existing detail

    +Optimisation pass (stage 2)
    Areaportals and other stuff

    +Made multiple balance changes to the mission
    I'm pretty happy with the mission as it is now, likely only needs some minor changes now

    -Removed extra mission
    Caused a few problems, so it's gone (for now)

    +Some minor bug fixes

    +Added extra support for mission creators

    Known issues:
    Some bot...
  2. The 'Beta-Bot' update

    Been a little while since the last update, huh?
    This update is a bit of everything, a bunch of detail, gameplay, and support changes have been made.

    +Improved navigation mesh
    Bots (still) tended to get caught up in some areas, this should be fixed now.

    +Added extra detail
    This includes many areas, including out-of-bounds and skybox.

    +Optimisation pass
    This is the first stage of optimisation, areaportals and the like will be next....
  3. The 'creator' update

    This update is aimed towards making it easier for others to create missions for this map, as well as making some balance changes.

    +Improved navigation mesh
    Bots tended to get caught up in some areas, this should be fixed now.

    +Added many new nav_prefer areas for mission-making
    Check the diagram below for more info!

    -Removed engineer-bot teleporter build points
    The map was a bit too small for engie...
  4. Forgot to pack

    it's packed now
  5. The 'navigation' update

    This update is primary based around making the bots work better around the map.

    -Removed truck
    +Improved mission balance and performance
    +Added small wall to ramp near robot spawn
    +Optimised bot nav
    +Added additional engineer spawn locations
    +Misc bug fixes
  6. The 'balanced' update

    +Increased mission difficulty and generally improved it
    Multiple points in the mission were far too easy for 6 competent players, so waves have been changed, buffed, and enhanced.

    +Added new bomb and tank route through the warehouse
    This should hopefully make it harder to defend as bots have additional avenues of assault

    +Added small ramp in robot spawn area to make it easier for bots to reach players

    The first area felt more like a tower-defence than anything else,...
  7. The 'productive' update

    Lots of stuff today lads

    +Overhauled the robot spawn area's layout
    +Added secret room
    +Changed quantity, quality, and location of pickups
    +Improved Sniper Bot nav
    +Added new 'flanker' nav
    +Overhauled large portions of the mission to actually be good (and named it)
    +Changed quantity and location of some pickups
    +Fixed holograms blocking projectiles
    +Fixed clipping issues in the distillery
    +Fixed multiple aggressive prop-fade issues
    +Added train (as an environmental hazard!)
    +Added A LOT...
  8. The 'forged' update

    +Added custom mission (advanced)
    7 waves of torture

    +Fixed bots getting stuck inside spawn B
    +Fixed bots not receiving spawn protection in spawn A
    +Fixed sentry busters exploding in spawn
    +Added extra variation to bomb path in robot spawn area
    +Fixed Cubemap-related errors
    +Fixed some instances of aggressive prop-fade

    Known issues:
    Some bot icons in the mission are missing
    Some bot holograms do not enable for the first wave

    Plan for A3:
    Mission balancing
    Map layout tweaks
    Substantial map...
  9. oops

    I had placed a vmf in the zip, rather than a bsp. Fixed that.