Production RC4.2

Seize the means of destruction

  1. The 'navigation' update

    This update is primary based around making the bots work better around the map.

    -Removed truck
    +Improved mission balance and performance
    +Added small wall to ramp near robot spawn
    +Optimised bot nav
    +Added additional engineer spawn locations
    +Misc bug fixes
  2. The 'balanced' update

    +Increased mission difficulty and generally improved it
    Multiple points in the mission were far too easy for 6 competent players, so waves have been changed, buffed, and enhanced.

    +Added new bomb and tank route through the warehouse
    This should hopefully make it harder to defend as bots have additional avenues of assault

    +Added small ramp in robot spawn area to make it easier for bots to reach players

    The first area felt more like a tower-defence than anything else,...
  3. The 'productive' update

    Lots of stuff today lads

    +Overhauled the robot spawn area's layout
    +Added secret room
    +Changed quantity, quality, and location of pickups
    +Improved Sniper Bot nav
    +Added new 'flanker' nav
    +Overhauled large portions of the mission to actually be good (and named it)
    +Changed quantity and location of some pickups
    +Fixed holograms blocking projectiles
    +Fixed clipping issues in the distillery
    +Fixed multiple aggressive prop-fade issues
    +Added train (as an environmental hazard!)
    +Added A LOT...
  4. The 'forged' update

    +Added custom mission (advanced)
    7 waves of torture

    +Fixed bots getting stuck inside spawn B
    +Fixed bots not receiving spawn protection in spawn A
    +Fixed sentry busters exploding in spawn
    +Added extra variation to bomb path in robot spawn area
    +Fixed Cubemap-related errors
    +Fixed some instances of aggressive prop-fade

    Known issues:
    Some bot icons in the mission are missing
    Some bot holograms do not enable for the first wave

    Plan for A3:
    Mission balancing
    Map layout tweaks
    Substantial map...
  5. oops

    I had placed a vmf in the zip, rather than a bsp. Fixed that.