Production RC6

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Been working on this one for a while now, hopefully this goes without a hitch.
  • Greatly improved visuals at the 'front' area. It's pretty much a complete rework.
  • Tanks can now spawn at gate B
  • Sniper bots now spawn in tank tunnel.
  • Sentry busters now spawn in gate A.
  • Each gate can now be opened separately mid-wave. (Actually, they MUST be opened mid-wave, as they no longer open automatically when a wave starts.)
  • Detailing changes to the Distillery and the adjoining flank.
  • Optimisation pass, as it seems like past-me forgot what a func_detail was.
  • Altered engineer spawn points, and fixed some that were previously non-functional. Also, removed teleporters from engi bots that spawn close to the hatch.
  • Fixed several bomb-stuck spots. (What is this, a CS:GO map?)
  • Added an extra bomb for those who want it. (You can enable it through second_bomb_enable/second_bomb_enable_ironman, they will be disabled each wave by default.)
  • Navigation improvements, mainly around the train. It should now be easier to kill bots with it now.
  • Sniper bot improvements. Expect them to be more effective now.
  • Altered location of some pickups.
  • Moved a fence at the 'front' to the corner of the ramp, in an attempt for better cover.
  • Moved the two barrel props at the ramp platform to the main area so snipers don't get fucked over by the new fence placement.
  • The 'generator platform' has been replaced by a small building with a window.
  • Replaced the awful train sign with a proper, non-train sign.
  • Some robot spawn locations in both missions have been changed to work better with the separate gate opening mechanic.
Assuming no-one finds any game-breaking bugs, this will be the final update. Thanks to everyone who playtested, especially the people over at potatos mvm who helped a lot with the mission creation process.
Hopefully, you never saw this coming; as it's your last surprise.

Fun map facts:
  • The map has doubled in file size since A1
  • A total of 22 missions have been created (mostly early versions of DD and FF)
  • 69 bugs fixed (nice)
  • Fastest speedrun is 19:31
  • 2136 complaints from Hell-met
  • A ton of fucking robots destroyed
(For real though please let me know if anything's broken)
+Fixed download as it was using the wrong version
+Fixed an exploit that allowed certain classes to escape the intended map boundaries

Mission (frightful freight):
  • Adjusted bot counts in wave 2 and 4 to not overwhelm players
  • Changed the Colonel barrages with a giant medic in wave 3 to Soldier spammers with 2 normal uber medics
  • Split wave 5 in half, adding a 6th wave
  • Added giant soldiers with iron gauntlet buddies for wave 6
  • Adjusted tank and boss health for wave 6
  • Iron Beast now spawns at the start of wave 6, rather that at the end (switching places with the tank). Other bot spawns have been adjusted to compensate.
  • Changed dwarf heavy support in wave 2 to 'limited', and added cash drops
  • Changed the classicon of Sgt. Dukem to something more descriptive
  • Lowered difficulty of standard heavies in wave 4 from hard to normal
  • Added losse cannon demos to wave 6
  • Changed rocket-shotgun soldier support in wave 6 to burst-fire demo support
  • Increased amount of cash dropped in wave 5
  • Changed spy, sniper, and engineer mission details for later waves
  • The shortstop scouts in wave 2 now spawn alongside the giant pyros, rather than randomly
+Improved skybox/OOB visuals
+Reworked spawn to be less confusing (and look much better)
+Reworked the warehouse section to be a proper route
+Improved detail around the munitions building
+Improved road at tank spawn
+Fixed robots spawning within view of players
+Fixed clipping issues
+Mission Improvements
Finally got accepted into madness vs. machines!
(and realised I hadn't updated here for a while, lol)

Pretty much just mission re-balances
Fixed a few nav problems, and stopped spies from spawning in red spawn
This update had very little map changes, so it was pretty much just mission changes so i'll go into those in detail

Wave 1:
Removed giant shotgun heavies
Lowered spawn count for final subwave from 48 to 40 and increased spawncount from 2 to 4
Increased spy spawn rate

Wave 2:
Lowered bonk-flare-direct subwave spawn count and maxactive, increased spawn rate
Lowered cap'n demo amount from 4 to 3
Lowered cap'n demo damage bonus from 3 to 2
Replaced riot demos with GRU heavies, and increased spawncount from 4 to 5
Buffed battle engineer fire rate by 20%
Increased spawn delay on tank support from 4 to 5

Wave 3:
Removed black-box subwave

Wave 4:
Reworked initial subwave spawn system
FAN scouts now have crits, and increased spawncount

Wave 5:
Extended spawn delay for pyro support from 12 to 15 seconds
Reduced Heavy/Demo/Bowman subwave spawncount by a lot, and increased spawn delay from 1 to 2

Wave 6:
Reduced giant demoknight count from 4 to 3
Reduced stun soldier count from 36 to 27
Extended time between demo support spawn from 3 to 5 seconds, and reduced spawncount from 4 to 3
Reduced time between scout support spawn from 3 to 2 seconds, reduced maxactive from 4 to 3
Removed bowmen from randomchoice, spawning now manually handled

Wave 7:
Best bud bots fire rate + reload rate buffed by 20%, health reduced from 20000 to 18000
Reduced giant scout count from 6 to 4, and increased spawn delay from 6 to 8 seconds
+Mission improvements

+Minor detail changes

+Bug fixes
Fixed bugs, mission improvements. That's about it.
Finally got a map to RC!

+Teleporters are back
Was kind of a stupid idea to remove them in the first place, seeing as how you can just choose whether engi bots build them or not through the popfile.
+Lots of extra detail
This includes sound, geometry, particles, lighting, areas, and more
+Mission Balancing
Mission is now final (though subject to a few tweaks)
+Skybox improvements

That's all folks.