Production RC4.2

Seize the means of destruction

  1. The "Accepted" update

    Finally got accepted into madness vs. machines!
    (and realised I hadn't updated here for a while, lol)

    Pretty much just mission re-balances
  2. Just a quick nav fix

    Fixed a few nav problems, and stopped spies from spawning in red spawn
  3. The "Mission" Update

    This update had very little map changes, so it was pretty much just mission changes so i'll go into those in detail

    Wave 1:
    Removed giant shotgun heavies
    Lowered spawn count for final subwave from 48 to 40 and increased spawncount from 2 to 4
    Increased spy spawn rate

    Wave 2:
    Lowered bonk-flare-direct subwave spawn count and maxactive, increased spawn rate
    Lowered cap'n demo amount from 4 to 3
    Lowered cap'n demo damage bonus from 3 to 2
    Replaced riot demos with GRU heavies, and increased...
  4. The 'hopefully last' update

    +Mission improvements

    +Minor detail changes

    +Bug fixes
  5. The "Update" Update

    Fixed bugs, mission improvements. That's about it.
  6. The 'Sweet Release' update

    Finally got a map to RC!

    +Teleporters are back
    Was kind of a stupid idea to remove them in the first place, seeing as how you can just choose whether engi bots build them or not through the popfile.
    +Lots of extra detail
    This includes sound, geometry, particles, lighting, areas, and more
    +Mission Balancing
    Mission is now final (though subject to a few tweaks)
    +Skybox improvements

    That's all folks.
  7. The 'tired' update

    It's 5am so i'll make this quick

    +Mission improvements

    +Added extra detail
    Pretty minor stuff, mostly just improvements to existing detail

    +Optimisation pass (stage 2)
    Areaportals and other stuff

    +Made multiple balance changes to the mission
    I'm pretty happy with the mission as it is now, likely only needs some minor changes now

    -Removed extra mission
    Caused a few problems, so it's gone (for now)

    +Some minor bug fixes

    +Added extra support for mission creators

    Known issues:
    Some bot...
  8. The 'Beta-Bot' update

    Been a little while since the last update, huh?
    This update is a bit of everything, a bunch of detail, gameplay, and support changes have been made.

    +Improved navigation mesh
    Bots (still) tended to get caught up in some areas, this should be fixed now.

    +Added extra detail
    This includes many areas, including out-of-bounds and skybox.

    +Optimisation pass
    This is the first stage of optimisation, areaportals and the like will be next....
  9. The 'creator' update

    This update is aimed towards making it easier for others to create missions for this map, as well as making some balance changes.

    +Improved navigation mesh
    Bots tended to get caught up in some areas, this should be fixed now.

    +Added many new nav_prefer areas for mission-making
    Check the diagram below for more info!

    -Removed engineer-bot teleporter build points
    The map was a bit too small for engie...
  10. Forgot to pack

    it's packed now