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  1. Ultimaximus

    [MvM] Hanami - Steel Magnolia (Advanced) v1.01

    I spent about a day and a half on this Advanced mission, with help from my friend Tindall Berry. Ultimaximus (me) Tindall Berry (also she's the map author)
  2. Suna

    Production RC6

    One question for you: Where does Grey Mann get all his robots from? Well, he makes them. But he can't make ALL of them, so it seems like he's turned to outsourcing. Time to attack the source, mercs! Information for mission makers is available here...
  3. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94

    (popfile) Horzine Holocaust A2

    Undead are bad enough, but now Horzine's experiments are here? It's time to kill the floor! Fight waves of killing floor-inspired zombies from both games and from the popular kf1 mod Scrn Balance. An advanced 7-wave (and hopefully balanced) mission for mvm_condemned...
  4. Startacker!

    Underground Mission: Rustbelt V5?

    Uses standardized icons via Potato's MvM for Madness VS Machines, download here REQUIRES that you also install Underground's popfiles and materials, which you should regardless.
  5. orange_blossom

    Help with custom surfaceprop.txt

    I want to include a custom surface in my map, however there isn't really any documentation on how to do this except for the instructions from the surfaceproperties_manifest.txt located in: tf2_misc_dir.vpk, scripts/ Well what I've done so far is copying the manifest to the scripts folder and...
  6. I Darkstar X

    How to make an entity follow a player

    OK, so, I wanted to make a map with a big scary turret thing that aims its big ol' energy beam shooty-mc-shoot gun at players as they come close. Ideally, I'd like it to be able to target the closest player as they become available, then shoot its beam of death at them. If a player breaks...
  7. Ninja Cookie

    jump_ninjacookie final

    jump_ninjacookie is a jumping map created within a couple months of work using custom textures and props, created by me. The map is designed for Soldier, with Demo friendly platforms, consisting of 19 levels, inspired by Jurf. The map has a built in timer which tracks your time through the map...