Production RC6

Seize the means of destruction

  1. The "Refurbishment" Update

    Been working on this one for a while now, hopefully this goes without a hitch.
    • Greatly improved visuals at the 'front' area. It's pretty much a complete rework.
    • Tanks can now spawn at gate B
    • Sniper bots now spawn in tank tunnel.
    • Sentry busters now spawn in gate A.
    • Each gate can now be opened separately mid-wave. (Actually, they MUST be opened mid-wave, as they no longer open automatically when a wave starts.)
    • Detailing changes to the Distillery and the adjoining flank.
    • Optimisation pass, as it seems like past-me forgot what a func_detail was.
    • Altered engineer spawn points, and fixed some that were previously non-functional. Also, removed teleporters from engi bots that spawn close to the hatch.
    • Fixed several bomb-stuck spots. (What is this, a CS:GO map?)
    • Added an extra bomb for those who want it. (You can enable it through second_bomb_enable/second_bomb_enable_ironman, they will be disabled each wave by default.)
    • Navigation improvements, mainly around the train. It should now be easier to kill bots with it now.
    • Sniper bot improvements. Expect them to be more effective now.
    • Altered location of some pickups.
    • Moved a fence at the 'front' to the corner of the ramp, in an attempt for better cover.
    • Moved the two barrel props at the ramp platform to the main area so snipers don't get fucked over by the new fence placement.
    • The 'generator platform' has been replaced by a small building with a window.
    • Replaced the awful train sign with a proper, non-train sign.
    • Some robot spawn locations in both missions have been changed to work better with the separate gate opening mechanic.
    Assuming no-one finds any game-breaking bugs, this will be the final update. Thanks to everyone who playtested, especially the people over at potatos mvm who helped a lot with the mission creation process.
    Hopefully, you never saw this coming; as it's your last surprise.

    Fun map facts:
    • The map has doubled in file size since A1
    • A total of 22 missions have been created (mostly early versions of DD and FF)
    • 69 bugs fixed (nice)
    • Fastest speedrun is 19:31
    • 2136 complaints from Hell-met
    • A ton of fucking robots destroyed
    (For real though please let me know if anything's broken)
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