Production RC6

Seize the means of destruction

  1. The 'Beta-Bot' update

    Been a little while since the last update, huh?
    This update is a bit of everything, a bunch of detail, gameplay, and support changes have been made.

    +Improved navigation mesh
    Bots (still) tended to get caught up in some areas, this should be fixed now.

    +Added extra detail
    This includes many areas, including out-of-bounds and skybox.

    +Optimisation pass
    This is the first stage of optimisation, areaportals and the like will be next.

    +Made multiple balance changes to the mission
    I'm pretty happy with the mission as it is now, likely only needs some minor changes now

    +Added extra 'for-fun' mission
    This mission is very broken and awful.
    I encourage you to get 6 players and max out all upgrades for this mission, then it's pretty fun [​IMG]

    +Several clipping improvements

    +A ton of minor bug fixes

    +Probably a bunch of other things I can't recall

    Known issues:
    Some bot holograms do not enable for the first wave (jeez, when am I gonna fix this?!)
    New mission is shit

    Plan for next version:
    Changes as a result of player feedback [​IMG]
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