Production RC6

Seize the means of destruction

  1. The 'creator' update

    This update is aimed towards making it easier for others to create missions for this map, as well as making some balance changes.

    +Improved navigation mesh
    Bots tended to get caught up in some areas, this should be fixed now.

    +Added many new nav_prefer areas for mission-making
    Check the diagram below for more info!

    -Removed engineer-bot teleporter build points
    The map was a bit too small for engie teleporters, so now they will only build sentries.

    -Removed bomb route through warehouse
    This route was considerably superior to the other routes, and defending this route was a bit too difficult. Robots can still travel through the route, but not bomb-bots. See below for more info.

    +Added door to warehouse route
    This door blocks off the warehouse from the distillery, and is destroyed when a tank passes through it, opening up the route for other bots. (But not the bomb). Because of this, I recommend having tanks spawn late in the wave if you're planning on making any missions for this map.

    +Added more detail
    Mostly windows lol

    +Increased train damage
    The train only did 4000 damage per second in the previous version, which is nowhere near enough to insta-kill most giants. Damage value has been raised to 50000 per second. Additionally, the trigger_hurt volume has been increased.

    +Made multiple balance changes to the mission
    Some waves were too easy, some were too hard. Should be as least a little better now.

    +Several clipping improvements

    +A ton of bug fixes
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