Production RC6

Seize the means of destruction

  1. The 'productive' update

    Lots of stuff today lads

    +Overhauled the robot spawn area's layout
    +Added secret room
    +Changed quantity, quality, and location of pickups
    +Improved Sniper Bot nav
    +Added new 'flanker' nav
    +Overhauled large portions of the mission to actually be good (and named it)
    +Changed quantity and location of some pickups
    +Fixed holograms blocking projectiles
    +Fixed clipping issues in the distillery
    +Fixed multiple aggressive prop-fade issues
    +Added train (as an environmental hazard!)
    +Added A LOT of extra detailing
    +Enlarged entrance doors in corridor
    +Fixed bots getting stuck in walls after teleporting

    Known issues:
    Some bot icons in the mission are missing
    Some bot holograms do not enable for the first wave
    Train gates and lights don't work quite as intended

    Plan for A5:
    Mission balancing
    Map layout tweaks
    Additional map detailing
    Multiple bug fixes
    Train improvements
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