[Prefab] Find, Filter, and Delete tf_weapon_spellbook

[Prefab] Find, Filter, and Delete tf_weapon_spellbook V2

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[Prefab] Find, Filter, and Delete tf_weapon_spellbook V2

comes with advanced tricks, tips and notes

An easy-to-use, ready-out-of-the-box prefab using 10 entities to find and delete tf_weapon_spellbook, based on conditions set by the mapper.

In this prefab, only Pyro can hold a spellbook. All other classes have their spellbooks deleted!

  • Filters the tf_weapon_spellbook entity using a math_counter, trigger_multiple, and env_entity_maker+point_template
  • Uses a single "master relay" to easily execute the logic at any given moment
  • Uses advanced tricks to get this done

  • tf_weapon_spellbook, and all tf_weapon_*entities, are set at origin 0 0 0 of the player entity.
  • tf_weapon_spellbook, if the classname is changed, will still retain it's functionality.
    • This is notable because all other tf_weapon_* entities (with the exception of tf_weapon_builder for Engineer), will prevent switching to the weapon if it is already on their class loadout.
  • math_counter can be used to add an OnUser1 output and execute FireUser1 in the same tick:
    • This is done by sending Add 0 to the math_counter (Triggers it like a relay), which fires OutValue Addoutput OnUser1, which then fires GetValue !self, and then fires FireUser1.
    • !Note: FireUser1 needs to have a value in the parameter or else it won't work in math_counter!
  • StartTouch sent to a trigger_multiple when fired from an OnUser can used to get weapons, players, non-solid entities, etc, to touch triggers anywhere in the map:
    • Not to be confused with OnStartTouch, StartTouch can be used to touch a trigger_multiple anywhere in the map.
    • This can be done by sending AddOutput parameter OnUser1 named_trigger:StartTouch::0:-1 and firing OnUser1 to execute the OnUser.
  • With the above known, using OnStartTouchAll will only let one entity touch the trigger at a time.
    • Used for grabbing the !activator (one tf_weapon_spellbook), changing its name, then spawning an entity where the player is to filter them out.
  • logic_relay, when set with a delay, will not be able to be fired twice if it is sent the Trigger input.
    • This is especially crucial to know, because this prevents the logic from firing more than it needs to.
      • Additionally, this feature can be disabled using spawnflags.
      • This prevention feature can also be used on a "dummy" output with OnTrigger and a delay, without any entity/input/parameters (aka those are left completely blank)
  • Uses env_entity_maker and point_template, with three small triggers, two of which have filters, to filter the player's class and delete the one tf_weapon_spellbook entity.
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Latest updates

  1. Completely New Prefab

    This scraps the old logic, replaces it completely with a new one with less entities and more reliable spellbook deletion. Has not been testing in-game yet with real players. Still waiting on that part, will keep updated.
  2. version 4

    Version 4 update. This update further tightens the loose ends and make the logic more consistent. Some changes include: Implemented a check to see if the funnel system is already running. Implemented another safety check if the funnel system...
  3. bugfix

    bugfix update Updated instance logic