Team-Colored Medieval Props Update 3

Medieval themed props, team-colored.

  1. Yaki
    Comes with several team-colored skins for some medieval themed props.

    Pack Includes:
    • Training Dummy
    • Medieval Scroll
    • Brazier (top portion only)
    • Cannon
    • Wood Stove
    • Medieval Scroll -- Comes with animations "idle" and "spin", needed for Intel/Briefcase use
    • Brazier, Cannon-- These don't have physics
    • Training Dummy -- Comes with uber skins
    • Cannon -- Modified to fit sentrygun's proportions

    • Wood Stove model, made by Treythepunkid from Medieval Collab (Modified by Yakibomb)
    • Cannon model, by Selentic from Medieval Collab (Modified by Yakibomb)
    • Rest of the models, by Valve (Modified by Yakibomb)


    1. training_dummy_preview.png
    2. cannon_preview.png
    3. scroll_preview.png
    4. wood_stove_preview.png
    5. brazier_update1.png

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