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Team-Colored Medieval Props HUD Medieval Scroll

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Team-Colored Medieval Props HUD Medieval Scroll

Medieval themed props, team-colored.

Comes with several team-colored skins for some medieval themed props.

Pack Includes:
  • Training Dummy
  • Medieval Scroll
  • Brazier (top portion only)
  • Cannon
  • Wood Stove
  • Medieval Scroll -- Comes with animations "idle" and "spin", needed for Intel/Briefcase use
  • Brazier, Cannon-- These don't have physics
  • Training Dummy -- Comes with uber skins
  • Cannon -- Modified to fit sentrygun's proportions

  • Wood Stove model, made by Treythepunkid from Medieval Collab (Modified by Yakibomb)
  • Cannon model, by Selentic from Medieval Collab (Modified by Yakibomb)
  • Rest of the models, by Valve (Modified by Yakibomb)
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. Added Medieval Scroll HUD Icon

  2. Medieval Scroll Flag Fix

    Updated the Medieval Scroll Flag Made it more consistent with the briefcase flag model RED scroll is skin 0 BLU scroll is skin 1 Neutral scroll is skin 2 Fixed physics collision model not being centered Fixed scroll floating like 18 HU above...
  3. update 3

    - Updated collision box for Medieval Scroll (consistent with Intel flag now) - Updated Furnace to glow (similar to Demo's pipe grenade glow) - Updated Brazier to glow and is now more team-colored (Particles not included)