[Prefab] Find, Filter, and Delete tf_weapon_spellbook

[Prefab] Find, Filter, and Delete tf_weapon_spellbook V2

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This scraps the old logic, replaces it completely with a new one with less entities and more reliable spellbook deletion.

Has not been testing in-game yet with real players. Still waiting on that part, will keep updated.
Version 4 update.

This update further tightens the loose ends and make the logic more consistent.

Some changes include:
  1. Implemented a check to see if the funnel system is already running.
  2. Implemented another safety check if the funnel system needs to rerun a second time for any reason (i.e. a spellbook isn't cleared after touching a resupply the second time).
  3. Fixed a bug where name "spellbook_12" would be used multiple times.
  4. Fixed Pyros losing spellbooks if their queue wasn't already over.
  5. Adjusted how the funnel system is initiated (still through same relay "relay_name_spellbook"
  6. Adjusted some other not-helpful I/O's.
  7. Updated func_instances to reflect changes.
These further tighten the loose ends and make the logic more consistent.

Known issue:
  • Pyro will lose their spellbook upon touching the resupply. Still unsure why this happens.
bugfix update
  • Updated instance logic
Another quick update...
  • Updated instances from last update
  • made respawns smaller so players can't back out of them
Quick Update (v3)
  • Increased delay at which to start the first enable+Triggering of spellbook strip relay.
    • This should actually fix spellbooks from being deleted on Pyro on map start.
Nothing about the logic is changed, just updated an instance.
  • Fixed resupply locker using medieval skin + using DefaultAnim ref (bugged out the animation, would ruin how logic executes)
  • Added a readme for what the instances do.
Bug fix update
  • Fixed first time spawning as Pyro would delete the spellbook (now doesn't)
  • Fixed changing class not deleting spellbook (now does)
  • Made respawn teleport triggers bigger (due to being able to back out of them on respawn)

  • Added instances to easily place in your map.
  • STILL REQUIRES tf_logic_holiday to be placed in your map. Otherwise nobody will get spellbooks!