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Pl_Gladdison a6

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Pl_Gladdison a6

A PL map made as a re-creation of 'Dust is for Men', by deadsource.

pl_dustmenn/pl_difm, rebuilt from the ground up.
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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 6: "It works this time I Swear" Update

    Update a6: - Fixed most, if not all the problems adressed in a5 (Mayh worded it best, with "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?") - Fixed BLU respawn visualizers - Moved around some doorways to break up a large signtline - Other changes I forgot about
  2. Apha Five: The "It should work this time"

    - Added an exit to the building overlooking the bridge. - Put a wall infront of said exit to break up sightlines. - Removed the bridge. - Added a new cavern flank. - Added more ammo near last - Fixed being abkl to build in spawn - Added a one-way...
  3. Alpha 4: The Real One.

    The earlier one was a4pre, a test build I cranked out for a gameday (and it wasn't even tested). The REAL a4 is, again, submitted to a gameday. Alpha 4: - Replaced my custom signs with the older, better signs - Improved all-around clipping -...