pl_eruption A39

What I thought the Valve map for jungle Inferno would look like

  1. Almost Beta? It can't be...

    In this version:

    ----Point A----
    ➤Added more light to dark spots
    ➤Fixed some props fading out too soon
    ➤Added more clipping
    ➤Changed the dead-end on the beach to be more obvious.
    ➤Made certain sightlines less viable for snipers.

    ----Point B----
    ➤Fixed a few bad sightlines
    ➤Added a new path for Blu to push out of B easier. Now that new path opens when B is capped, provides Blu with hp/ammo and the highground.

    ----Point C----
    ➤ The Cap is now further back. Blu always capped C before Red could do anything. They even have the highground, a flank leading behind Red , hp/ammo and more. So such nerf to them I think was really needed.
    ➤Also near the bridge there used to be a medium hp and ammo pack. Now the ammo pack remains there. The health pack was moved on the lowground, inside the cave so as to prevent Red from setting up defences on the highground and locking up Blu inside the cave.
    ➤I also added a small hp pack on the Red's highground, where the snipers are watching.
    ➤Made Red spawn faster.

    ----Point D----
    ➤Extended the payload tracks.
    ➤Added a prop that allows blu to reach red's high ground near the main door.
    ➤Fixed the shortcut door closing when a player is inside
    ➤Added better clipping
    ➤Made the staircase leading up to Red's highground on the right, a little bigger.
    ➤Adjusted the cover a bit.

    ➤Optimized the map a bit more
    ➤Fixed sightlines and issues
    ➤Added better clipping

    The last few playtests went really really well. I am really excited for eruption. If this playtest also goes well and all the points feel fair and balanced, I am guessing I could release one last version of this map before going to beta!
    If anyone's interesting in heping me out with the detailing, let me know!
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