pl_eruption A19

What I thought the Valve map for jungle Inferno would look like

  1. update 18 the sequel

    in this version:

    - Removed the ramp at point B that allowed Red team to get up on the high ground which made it very difficult for blu to cap point B.

    - Added a health and ammo pack at point B.

    - Fixed 2 long sightlines

    - Moved the second Blu forward spawn forward back to it's original location to make it easier for Blu to attack Last.

    - other Minor changes such as clipping , texture changes etc.

    I dont have much to say , The map is playing fairly good in my opinion , people are...
  2. Point B improvements. (hopefully)

    In this version:

    - Made some changes over to Point B

    -Moved the second blu forward spawn further back again.

    -changed the health and ammo pack placement more.

    I feel like everytime I update this map it plays worse or something. That was the case with the last demo. I didnt even finished watching it. All of it was stealrolls. I hope with the new changes We will have more completed and fun rounds that steamrolls. Let's hope.
    Oh and btw, I have said it so many times but here I am...
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  3. i am running out of update titles..

    In this version:

    -added a rollback zone to Point B

    - Moved the Second point a bit further back

    - fixed that nodraw issue at point A

    - Reverted the changes to point C.

    -fixed and changed a few things based on feedback.

    I am still trying to Fix those 2 points. Maybe I should try doing that One at a time. Now I hope point B will play better. Fingers crossed.
    Now for point C, the changes I made over this point I think made it play worse or something. So I reverted the changes I...
  4. Many changes and fixes

    in this version:

    - I finally remade the displacements at point A , now you guys that have been asking me to fix those , you can finally rest and watch the sun rise on a greatful universe.

    - The (upward like) Blu forward spawn when point A gets captured , was removed.

    - I done some changes to help Red defend point B a little easier.

    - I relocated the second Blu forward spawn back to it's original place ( at point C because Blu team had a hard time attacking last )

    - Clipped the map a...
  5. Changes over to points B and C.

    In this version:

    Point B
    - tried making point B more defendable by giving it more cover for Red and making the main structure that Red use stronger.

    - Reduced the health and ammo for Blu ( only at one of the routes they use - to get to the waterfall ) and changed a medium ammo pack to a full one.

    - A new good sentry spot was added to the same structure which could help engineers set up a lot faster and more safely.

    Point C.

    -Reworked the Right flank so as to make Red stronger while...
  6. a rather small update

    in this version:

    -Removed the health and ammo packs on the high ground at point C.

    -Also made it possible for Blu to jump up to a small high ground Red team possesses.

    - other small changes based on feedback.

    I dont have anything to say really.
  7. Giving Red a better time defending

    in this version:

    - Changed the ammo/heath packs a bit.
    Now there are more packs at last.

    - changed a few things based on feedback.

    - Gave Red a way to get on top of a platform at Point B.

    -Removed the NoBuild at the small area on top of the waterfall area.

    -Made it impossible for certain classes to get on top of that tree near the first blu spawn at point A. ( I personally really like the idea that you can hide in trees or just getting on top of them. I tried solving the tree problem...
  8. Small changes

    In this version:

    -Added nobuild to the sea and to a small part of the cave close to the waterfall. ( it was hard to destroy a sentry gun if it was placed there , it covered all the entrances )

    - Added another red resupply cabinet to last.

    -Added/changed the ammo and health packs a bit.

    -At point C , a ramp leading to the high ground that Red team owns was removed.

    The map is close to reach the Beta stages! I am pretty excited for this map and I will do my best. Now for the...
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  9. even more improvements and changes

    in this version:

    - Changed a few health and ammo pack locations

    - made the ammo pack on first a medium one for easier defence

    - gave Red team a medium and a small health pack at point B , so they can have a defence at the waterfall area. ( I just reverted the changes )

    -Added more lighting around

    - Relocated the third forward blu spawn to it's previous location.


    funnily enough now the map feels very blu-sided so i tried giving Red team an edge this time around. People...
  10. improvements To point B.

    in this version:

    - Made some improvements over to point B , Added more packs and made the right flank route easier to attack by giving Blu more cover. Also changed the cover for red a bit.

    - Made it so snipers can not hide to the waterfall now.

    - Changed the sun angle so the map is a lot brighter now.

    - small other fixes and improvements were made.

    - The second capture point was moved a bit further back so as to make it less awkward of a "location" and to make Blu's time easier capping...