pl_eruption A29b

What I thought the Valve map for jungle Inferno would look like

  1. It's a good day for eruption to be not dead.


    ---Point B----

    ➤Made the waterfall flank accessible by both teams again.

    ➤Opened up a new way for Red team to get to the waterfall flank but they have to commit to it. There is a one way door now that allows Red to get on top while blue can get up there as before.

    ➤Speaking on the way route, I opened a window there for snipers, to give them a better spot to watch the point. You can avoid that sightline altogether though.

    20210223125754_1.jpg 20210223125806_1.jpg 20210223125817_1.jpg

    ---Point D----

    ➤Changed the path track. Instead of doing a full circle and being too close to the red spawn, now the cart goes down once, does a small turn and reaches the capture zone.

    ➤ Made that upper red holding area weaker, I also added a window that both helps Red see what's going on but it also allows blu to know that someone is hiding behind the cover.


    ---General changes-----

    ➤Added more light around the map
    ➤Optimized the map a lot more. Most props have fade aways now.

    Eruption has been getting some competitive testing as of late. Never thought that I would make a map that's competitive viable but here's that.
    You can find the comp map thread here:
    And also thank you to "vibeisveryo" for the feedback and getting the map for competitive playtesting.

    Before I wrap this update up I want to say a few things.
    I havent touched this map for 5 months now. At least in 2 days it would have been 5 months. And that's why after the last playtest I was on the verge of giving up mapping altogether. The reason being I was getting negative feedback predominantly. At some point I was even feeling bad for putting the map for playtesting. I took a break though for 2 months at least and in December I started detailing sharkbay. I wanted something new and exciting to do so that's that. In the same time vibeisveryo approached me and suggested to test eruption in a competitive setting. That triggered my curiosity and decided to give it a go. A few months had passed and now I am enjoying mapping more than ever. I know that this map has flaws but I am here to improve and fix them. I am honestly really excited for the future and I can't wait to hear your opinions.
    See ya in game.
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