pl_eruption A29b

What I thought the Valve map for jungle Inferno would look like

  1. feedback based changes #2

    In this version:

    ----Point A----
    ⮞ added a crate near a wall to indicate players that they can build on top of it as well as stand on top. ( that's for better defending )

    -----Point B------
    ⮞ closed one of the 2 ways to get up to the waterfall highground area but only for blu. This change was made because blu would overcome red pretty easily by getting on top of them before red could set up and they would lose the point almost instantly. It's also easier for spies now to cross the water without getting detected.
    ⮞ To balance it out the left attacking route of blu was reopened again. There is also a medium ammo and a small health pack to help them push from there. Red also has a medium ammo pack near this route as well to help them set up.
    ⮞ The rollback zone was removed
    ⮞ A nobuild trigger was added to the water to prevent engineers from hiding sentries there

    -----Point C-----
    ⮞ A medium Health pack was added to the lower mining/cave area to encourage blu and red to use this route more.

    -----Point D------
    ⮞Replaced the staircase with a obstacle jump
    ⮞Restricted blu's highground by making it smaller from each side as well as adding a prop tank to the walls for less space and more splash damage.
    ⮞ Added a crate jump that allows Red team to use the vent as well.
    ⮞The lower Red defence area was made stronger. Now it has a height advantage, a wall with a window for a cover and finally a medium health and ammo pack.So its possible to start a hold just outside of the lower spawn door.
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