pl_eruption A29b

What I thought the Valve map for jungle Inferno would look like

  1. i am running out of update titles.. #2

    In this version:

    ----Point A----
    ⮞ moved the tree so players dont die from a hidden sniper

    ---Point B----
    ⮞ Changed the ammo/health packs a little, also blu's medium health pack was removed
    ⮞ moved red's upper cover to a better spot so engineers can build a sentry up there easier.
    ⮞ Added a roll-back zone, so the point becomes a little easier to defend.

    ----Point C----
    ⮞Added another "safer" route to attack the point. Inside that left area ( where blu's third forward spawn is ) A new doorway was added which forces blu to commit to a drop down, it rewards them however with a better angle to attack the left sentry spot and a building with health and ammo.

    -----Point D-----
    ⮞ Added the stairs to red's high ground back
    ⮞ Added a rocket in the middle that breaks the sightlines
    ⮞ Changed the window's texture to a different one so as to be more obvious.

    I hope the new changes are worth the wait, I am testing the map a lot as of late trying to get as much feedback as I can. I am listening to what you're suggesting and I hope I can deliver. Hopefully point D is going to play better this time as well B and C.
    I dont have much to say, leave your feedback and suggestions cause it helps me a lot. Also I would love to hear your critisism about the map as well as what you think of it.
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